Monday, March 19, 2012

Prima Taste Laksa Ramen

Ahem... Just cooked laksa for dinner cum supper... Sigh... There goes my diet plan, AGAIN.

Added in fish cakes, dao pok, prawns and hard-boiled egg. I think it tasted good leh but the very very fussy man said it's not nice. Aiya, EXPECTED one lor. Always pester me to cook but always give negative comments. Now you know why i hate to cook for him so much, very much. I'll slap him if he asked me to cook again. Not gonna cook even maggie mee for him, becos even maggie mee he also can hiam this hiam that. =.=

Seriously, i don't know why i can eat and eat and eat and eat. Then after i eat, i feel guilty, but i don't know what to do. Haha! I've 0% determination to slim down this time round, so sad! :(

P/S : Stay tuned for the pics of our Hippo River Cruise! :)

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