Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Very very busy!!!

Was so busy last week till i KO very early everyday with my two kids, even on weekends. ZY jio-ed mahjong for so many times on 2 consecutive nights (Fri & Sat), i fell asleep and can't managed to wake up. Imagine how tired i was? Really very very tired.

Was on leave on Monday and Tuesday to look after my two kids as my aunt was busy. Returned back to work today with one pile of work on the table, i finally cleared all. Phewz!

Brought the two kids to pray Guan Yin on Saturday cos it's Guan Yin's birthday on Sunday. We went a day earlier to avoid crowds & jam. Went to collect meimei's hair brush after that...

Reached home at 3+pm and started to cook dinner with my SIL!!! 

We cooked everything from scratch, except the egg noodle. Tasted good leh!!!

Heehee, i think my cooking skill is getting better, thanks to the guidance of my SIL. =)

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