Monday, April 30, 2012

Advanced Mother's Day Dinner

Date : 29th April 2012
Venue : House of Seafood (36 Yio Chu Kang Road, Singapore 545553)

About two months ago, i saw this online deal; 900g crab for less than half the price at House of Seafood. I bought 3, my bro bought 2 and we decided to use it for Mother's Day dinner. We arranged to go for it yesterday, 2 weeks in advance cos we don't wish to join the crowd on the actual day, and next week, my mum's praying at home.

I asked Raeann to smile and open her eyes big big. She said, "如果你要我笑, 我的眼睛就不可以开大大了". LOLOL

Honestly, their food has nothing to rave about. It's really 一分钱, 一分货. We ordered 3 types of crabs but only their salted egg yolk one are edible. The rest all NOT fresh and look kinda small? Not sure if it's 900g though...

This is the thing about buying vouchers online, you have to take the risk of getting 货不对板. I will never ever buy the vouchers from them again. And i don't know if it's consider cheap or expensive. I paid another $160 for the other dishes. Which means, this not very satisfying dinner cost about $280. But hor, even though we have so much complaints, they still have plenty customers leh, full house lor.

Nonetheless, it's the companions that counts bah, not easy getting all together for dinner like such now. Grown up, everyone is busy with their own stuffs. For me, need not say more, MY KIDS.

Everytime when wanna go out, i've to prepare at least 2 hours in advance. And i cannot get rushed, cos i'll take even more longer. Then when i'm done bathing & changing for my kids, i'll be sweaty all over. Just imagine i've just bathed too? That kind of very frustrated feeling? Sigh~ 非常好命!

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