Monday, April 2, 2012


You know, i 自摸大三元 last Friday leh!!! But ZY said i cannot game...

I 'pong' 红中 and 九筒 on the table, inside i got 3 白板, 2 发财, 3 and 5 筒 then i 自摸发财! By right, i can game just lidat no matter how messy my other tiles are. This is 大三元! My husband said i cannot game becos i already 'pong' 九筒. Being a mahjong idiot, i listened to him and did not game for it.

Now i asked my aunt, my mum's friend & even his own friends, all of them said i can game. I jitao call ZY and scold him. Tmd! First time got such tiles & it's $105 leh!!

Not that i 输不起 hor, i already shown all my tiles becos i thought i gamed already, then he said cannot, i put up all my tiles again! =.=

Then after i did not game the first game (yes, it's the very first game somemore), all the tiles after that is jitao crispy one! Urgh!!!

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