Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Bruises lidat on my whole waist, especially the two hip bones there! :(

No doubt it's VERY pain, i'll persevere!!!

This proves that i've not much fats/meat around my waist, i should be happy lah!

Vivian said i machiam kena tortured, lol!

Then ah, my mum keep telling me that i'm very slim already, too skinny not nice, blah blah. Haha! Never for once, she said i'm fat leh? I hope she will do so then i'll be more motivated to slim down.


  1. yes. u looked like u are being abused. LOL

  2. I can't get this kind of bruise or else it will take more than 3 weeks to go away.

  3. LOL yes Vivian, i kena abused by exercise!!!

  4. Anonymous, ME TOO!!! Haiz, so painful lor.

  5. heh heh Sera, i did some exercise, lol.


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