Monday, April 16, 2012

How to slim down lidat???

Warning : Alot of good food, don't read if you're on empty stomach, lol.

We were talking about this on Friday night. I made a comment saying, "Siao one, eat one piece of cheesecake must go all the way to Siglap" becos a friend jio-ed me there. Then i saw this box inside my fridge the next day. My younger bro bought it!!! When i saw, i was like "omg, i'm gonna strike 4D tonight", but never strike leh. LOL

But then hor, i think it tasted VERY normal leh, just like any cheesecake sold elsewhere.

Asked my sis to buy this from Japan!

This is damn damn damn yummy! The yummiest biscuits i've ever eaten before. If you go Japan, u must buy this!

XS bought this for me and delivered it to my place on Saturday night. She knew i only like white chocolate! She also bought many souvenirs for me from overseas.

Bo bought this back from Japan as well. I don't know what's this? But it's quite delicious!

There are alot more but i'm too lazy to take pics. My house has never ending food supply. It's like impossible to go on diet at all. You know how hard it is for me to resist not eating them??!!

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