Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Doubt there's anyone out there who can understand how much i dislike my job. Nope, not hate, just dislike...

But everytime when i bring up my intention to leave here, something bad will happen to the family, for example; my dad falls ill and admit to hospital & etc. WHY HAR?

So you see, my job scope includes taking care of my parents too. Cos i'm the one sending my dad to & fro hospitals for check-up and treatments every single time.

Then back at home, i've to take care of two kids. I'm like taking care of people 24/7/365. Sigh!

If one fine day, my parents were to retire, i think i will leave the company too. Becos of one simple reason; i don't wanna work with my bro, to avoid conflict.

But i'm thinking that i should leave now, becos by the time i will be old, who will wanna employ me then?

Spoke to the husband about this last night but i don't get any supports or favourable reply from him, as usual. Becos he doesn't want me to work outside.

I've alot of factors to consider when looking for a new job too. Sigh, why is my life lidat? I need some 'lights' to see which path i should walk now.



  1. I think sometime have to chong dong a bit in doing certain stuffs or else if keep dragging, it will nv happy. I am sure u get a job out there. I feel that it is also better to work outside than working with family and, meeting more ppl outside will be better for urself too.

  2. Hanor, 想太多就会原地踏步... Haiz...

  3. the most important thing is that u r happy with watever u decide. Don regret. Sometime just have to be firm a bit with other ppl who don't understand u. U r sensible person from all the blog entries I read. I might b wrong but I believe u r capable in making good decision.

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    Thank you! :)

    But i always made the wrong decision and regret after that!

  5. just go with it ba.

    if u are not happy with a job, u will not look forward to going to work at all. so just do it. jiayou!

  6. Haiz Fen,

    Alot of things to consider. Most important is my kids. I have to settle them first.


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