Monday, April 2, 2012

Just another weekend!

Wah seh, cannot believe it man, i just bought a skirt for $2 from a certain blogshop mega clearance sales. $2 is inclusive of postage somemore, may i know what they earn har? Dresses going at $8 and tops at $5, cheap like don't know what sia. But the designs are quite limited though!

Nothing much over the weekend, was so sleepy till i sleep and sleep, but the more i sleep, the more tired i get. Maybe it's the weather... A wet 清明 this year!

LOL @ meimei's pose!

Thank you Mummy Lydia for delivering this mattress to me all the way from SK. 麻烦她了!


  1. Where u get this mattress from? Is she sleeping on this?

  2. Hi Leen,

    I bought it from my friend, Lydia at $50. She bought it from Kiddy Palace i think. Yeap, Raeann is sleeping in it now.

  3. Thanks! Anyway am asking if ur small gal is sleeping on it...haha, thought if its safe for my little one to sleep on it not.

  4. Eh, i think should be very safe as long as no other children around. Cos the mattress is very thick type. When Raeann's not around, i'll put meimei inside! :)


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