Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Made with ♥

Raeann passed me this on Sunday night. She said, "mummy, i've something for you". At first, i thought it's some toy or what cos it doesn't look edible to me, and she gave it to me out of sudden, without any clue. Then she told me it's edible & how she made it (in school), taught by her teacher.

She wanted to give it to me on Thursday but i went to airport to pick my fat sis. And when i reached home, she forgotten about it. (Shit, i hope her memory won't be like me!!!)

Can you guess what's this? I can't.

It's very sweet but surprisingly delicious. It's a rice cookie anyway!

Actually, she's sucha darling at times, she knows how to make me happy with her words & actions. Yeap, she was very disobedient when i was expecting/just give birth to meimei. But now, she's back to normal, she knows how to love her meimei, just that she's very rough (all along).

I hope my fat sis can be less bias against her lah. Her bias-ness is sibei obvious one, everyone can see lor. Glad that i'm able to stick to my stand; be fair to both of them. No doubt meimei is very adorable and she keep smiling everyday (and that's why everyone loves her so much now), but well, who mis-behave, i'll punish who, who behave, i'll praise who, same kind of treatment to both of them.

And when people ask Raeann, "your mummy dotes on who more? you or meimei?". She will say, "both". So i guess i'm doing it well...

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