Friday, April 27, 2012

Marrige Life

For the first time in the past 7 months, the husband wakes up early to send the kids with me!!! Cos his car is in the workshop lah, so he had no choice. But well, i appreciate it.

I observe every little things he does, like changing a new tin of milk powder when it runs out, refilling the thermal pot & etc. I appreciate it even when i don't show or say anything.

We watched Pillow Talk together last night and he was there scolding Qiuyu. Haha! Then don't know what lead to the topic... "好命" again.

As usual, he said i'm VERY 好命 and don't know how many girls felt sad/cried when they knew he's getting married.

I told him, "please hor, they felt sad/cried for me, not becos of u".


Marriage life is really not as easy as it seems!

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