Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pillow Talk

I'm totally hooked on this show '再见单人床' on channel 8, 9pm every weekdays. Not only me, Raeann and my mum too. I believe many of you are also hooked becos it's soooooo funny and real. Real as in, it's happening to some of us in real life.

I love some of the quotes they said inside, like "when you become a mother yourself, you will learn to love and appreciate your mother more", which is damn true, for my case. Most women grow up and become more attached to their family after they become a mother themselves. And now, in this century, 女儿不是赔钱货, if you realised.

My aunt told me, during the time when she gave birth to my 3rd cousin, the lady next to her in the same ward gave birth to her 4th daughter. And her MIL refused to cook for her, just becos it's a girl again, her husband only 打包 a packet of char siew rice for her.

Seriously ah, this type of MIL ought to be shot, really. Please lah, people willing to give birth for your son is good enough, should have let you meet those who are unwilling or unable to conceive.

And 20 years ago, women are really stupid. What's the point of helping them to try for a boy, bearing all the pain and uncomfy all by yourself, end up getting shit treatments? Sorry, given my character, i can never do it. I'm those 'the more you force me to do, the more i don't wanna do'. Yes, stubborn, very!

I admit i'm not a good DIL. But if you're nice to me, i'll be nice to you too, this applies to everyone.

Don't tell me bullshit about surname or what 传宗接代. So what IF i have a son but he may not wanna get married in future? Or maybe he got married but his wife refused/unable to conceive? How to 传 lidat? (I'm saying IF!)

I ever saw people posting on fb, twitter or etc before, that they're very sad cos their no. 2/3/4 is a girl again, crying their heart out, asking what have they done wrong and why did god punish them lidat? =.=

Hey, hello, be thankful that you're able to conceive and give birth to healthy kids. So many people out there envy you and yet you're so upset about having another girl? Are you crazy?

Sorry if i'm (always) too agitated on this topic. These are just my two cents thought! You may or may not agree with me!


  1. gal, ur this sentence " But if you're nice to me, i'll be nice to you too, it applies to everyone"

    So what if u find out that MIL & SIL is not that nice, but treat u ok, how u handle?
    Like MIL too dote their child till their child is a spoilt brat & always running away fr responsibility? Knowing that MIL dote the children till their children becum like a bitch & bastard?

    How u think??

  2. Depends on how 'not nice' they are.

    If they show me face in front of me, i will do the same. But if they talk bad things about me behind my back (and i happened to find out after that), i'll not wanna go to their place/visit them again. Even if i'm 'forced to go' just to show face, i'll not talk unless neccessary.

    My MIL spoilt my hb alot (and is still spoiling) and i did tell her straight to her face before, asked her not to spoil him lidat, he's not young anymore. Her reply was quite ridiculous which i don't wish to remember. From then i know, she's quite illogical in handling kids. Her thinking is, "i will give you everything you want, regardless right or wrong cos i love you". Which is why, i didn't and never want her to look after my kids for me.

    If my hb wants me to serve him like how his mum do, i'll ask him to go back to his mum's lor.

    As long as people don't step on my tail or be annoying, i'll be nice to them. :)

  3. my mum don let my SIL take care of her own kids. Ask the kids to talk shit about their mother, they r just in primary school. the worse is i ask her not to spoil them. She said boz of ur brother like this thats y must spoil. My bro has low iq. The kids just kick and bully my bro and call their mother pig and ask her to go back to her house and don come back anymore. Is very hard to talk to my mum. If she is wrong, she will nv admit and apologize, even she does also she not willing, the worse is my dad wan us to go and apologize to her first and she will decide if she wans to talk to us. Sometime even we apologize, she will walk away or ignore us and don talk to us for months. Sometime it is so tiring.

  4. Hmm, i don't understand, why issit that your bro is like that and that's why must spoil? So that they won't bully your bro?

    My friend once told me before, that i've to be firm when it comes to my kids, becos i'm the mother, only i've the right to decide for them. And i heeded her advice, i was very firm when it comes to my kids. Like i said i won't let my MIL take care, and i'm very firm about it.

    Some old folks are extremely stubborn. Even when they know they are at fault, they never apologise.

    Sometimes, talking only when neccessary is not a bad choice. :)

  5. Hey, is totally sooooo true abt old folks nv admit their fault (so far my mum haven done that).

  6. 100% agreed with your thought :)

  7. 100% agreed with your thought :)

  8. I seriously hate those monster mother in law who always think they are bloody right leh.. This is the problem.. Our modern educated mindset meets with traditional ah ma supersition...

  9. Thumbs up for ur post!! HeHe... Totally agreed! Those crazy mil n their old fox thinking.

  10. I just tweeted this last night, "if only all MIL can treat their DIL like their own daughter, this world will be more beautiful".

  11. AIyoa, don think so lor.. cuz MIL will think that DIL are evil that snatch their son away..

    Is a rare gem that MIL will understand & treat DIL their own daughter...

  12. Ya lor and those who claim that they will treat their DIL nice is even more hypocrite when they try to fight for their son's preferential treatment against u to show u that she is still the boss -.-

  13. I am watching this show. I m wondering, wats come to ur mind when u find out that u r pregnant? After watching 8 episodes. I am really afraid to get marry, I am scared that i cant get along with in law. I afraid that I can't be a gd mother and a gd wife. Marriage seems so hard.

  14. Hi Anonymous,

    Hmm, what comes to my mind when i found out i was pregnant? My feeling totally resembles Michelle Chia aka Chuning's one.

    I was super duper LOST! I don't wish to get marry so young, i wanted to go Japan & etc etc. All i had in mind was abortion at first.

    And don't know due to what reason, i decided to keep the baby but i was so scare becos i don't know how to break the news to my parents. And as expected, my mum was so against it and asked me to abort, at first. So after alot of hoo-haas, i finally got married and gave birth. Everyone was happy, except me. I can't get used to married life! :(

    Admit i was more selfish last time as i used to think abit more for myself than for my kid. But as i aged, i begin to think ALL for my kids and nil for myself (now), which i don't know it's a good or bad thing.

    Marriage is indeed hard. It requires alot of efforts, time and appreciations.

    In laws wise, don't worry lah. 98 out of 100 people can't get along with in laws, its normal. LOL

  15. I am living with my bf for 4 years. To me, is like a married life. When he propose to me twice. I rejected him. He said he won't asked again. I guess he is pretty upset. I told I am not ready. In my heart, i guess hope that the say will never come. Is not that i don love him. I just feel that if anything doesnt work out, i can break off the things easier than going through divorce. I know that it is wrong to think this way. I really dishearten when i see so many marriages failed. Whenever I see my siblings argue with their partner in front of the children or say hurting to each other. I just feel that it will affect the kids. I want to be as loving as I am to him to my children in future.

  16. Hey, we were in the same situation! I was with my ex-bf for 4 years and he proposed to me a few times too. His mum asked us to apply for flat. All i rejected! I don't know why either. I just didn't feel like getting married then. I just want things to stay as it is. But we broke off becos of some reasons.

    U mentioned u watched Pillow Talk right? There was a part when interviewing people, they said, people need 一股冲动 to get married. I AGREE!!!

    If i wasn't pregnant, i doubt i will get married so young too.

  17. My sis told me the same thing but I can't do it. I m those kid who has to think a lot. I feel that can make mistake for anything in life except marriage and having child. I feel that must be certain about it.

    I guess i will nv get marry coz I think too much. When i watched the show Joanne peh mentioned that it is hard to get man to propose to girl nowadays. I am not sure if it is true. I am getting old liao. haiz....

  18. There are pros and cons for people who think alot.

    It's true that for marriage and having child, you not only have to think twice but maybe 100 times.


    You marry the wrong one, that's it, your whole life is ruin.

    Nowadays ah, i feel that staying single is a much better choice. =X


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