Monday, April 16, 2012

Poh-Poh Mookata + Frenzie Bar & Bistro

Date : 13th April 2012

One month ago, i bought two vouchers online for dinner at Poh-Poh Mookata; Thai charcoal grill bbq steamboat. Been so crazy over Thai food since young, especially their Tom Yum, i like the super spicy clear soup type! And on my birthday last year, i was introduced to Mookata by XS and i kinda love it.

So i asked her along, but it took us one month to arrange for this dinner on last Friday. Cos i was only given the permission to go out with friends once a month and i missed last month's chance becos meimei wasn't feeling well due to teething.

Portions for two paxs, too much!!!

I give it 4/5 thumbs up!

This is sooooo much better than the $5 mookata i had in Hatyai. Food fresher, more clean & hygiene and much more faster! Furthermore, their soup base has no MSG, drink alot also won't feel thirsty, and the soup is damn tasty, much tastier than Tom Yum Kungfu. And, CHEAPER!!!

The only downside (for us) is... too far, located inside LC Food Centre; Tanjong Katong Road. Maybe becos it's not a shop by itself, that's why their price are way cheaper than others in SG.

I bought the voucher at $12.90 each, so x 2 = $25.80 + $8 (vegetable) = $32.80, plus drinks is less than $40. We eat until going to vomit! Even without the vouchers, their sets are quite cheap as well! Those who love mookata can check this place out! :)

After dinner, we went all the way to Punggol for a drink @ Frenzie Bar & Bistro, damn ulu lor! A place which a friend has been recommending it to me for months. Can you believe it? My GPS can't detect that place at all. Luckily XS's one can, but it brought us merry go round. And the funny thing is, XS's one can't detect the place at Tanjong Katong, lol, weird GPS.

But hor, it's full house that night! Maybe it's all the Punggol people. Worth a go if you're east siders or those eat-too-full-nothing-to-do-and-nowhere-to-go people.

Meet up again, soon! ^^

Jialat lor, i've promised alot of friends to meet for dinner & drinks but i've no time!!! So sorry to all my dear friends! I'll confirm fulfill what i promised, one by one! Heehee


  1. why are u only allow to go out once a month?

  2. Erm, my husband don't let me go out, even if go out, i must bring my two kids along cos he said he can't attend to them alone. Now my kids don't wanna find him liao, so i've to wait till my mum is free. So my mum said i can only go out once a month, during that one day, she will help to look aft my two kids.

    Moreover hor, everytime i go out, i'll be so tired and frustrated the next day becos my kids will wake me up as early as 7am. And i've to attend to them the whole day in a not enough sleep very pekchek mode, which is unfair to them as i will get angry easily! :(

  3. don worry, my sis been through the same thing. when she wants to go out. I will look after her kids for her. She always has chance to go out. But nowadays my BIL will help to take care when she wants to go out. I have to take care of 4 kids age from 2 to 8. Don think so much kids grow up very fast one soon u will have time for urself.

  4. gal, the place there got lots of Thais ma? or more of wat race eater?

  5. Eh, never see any Thais at all leh. More of Chinese...

  6. Don't worry, it won't be like Golden Mile one. LOL


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