Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Raechelle's progress!

The husband went to collect meimei's 6 months old photos this afternoon. Don't know why the 2nd pic turn out so yellowish in the soft copy but the hard copy they gave me looks ok leh. They asked if they can use her pics as baby model on their website anot, lol. So proud of my photogenic baby!

This little vainpot loves to look at the mirror and her own reflection and smile to herself!!! I hope she will be more girly lor, don't be like her sister!

Here's a little update on her progress...

At 6+ months old, she...

1) can crawl very fast now,
2) able to sit up by herself steadily &
3) notice her first little tooth popping out from her lower gum on 14th April 2012.

Have been putting her to bed by 8:30pm every weekdays becos my aunt said she always sleep very little during the noon. Her nap never last longer than 45 mins (poor aunt), lol. She's an extremely light sleeper!

Sometimes, i think i'm too harsh towards my kids. I know some people out there are those "ok, u don't wanna sleep, i let u play until u're tired then u sleep". I can't do that! I'll try ways and means to put them to bed early and make it a habit for them. So now, my kids sleep early and wake up very early also! 

It's all for their own good! :)


  1. i dono/ heard fr where tt, baby cannot let them look into mirror izzit ?

    Mayb when u r preggie her, u keep looking into the mirror, tt's y she inherit u?

  2. YA!! They will get nightmare if look into the mirror. But she likes leh! Then she will always find mirror or reflection to see herself, lol.

  3. How do u train ur bb to sleep tru the night? like so hard... :(

  4. Hi Leen,

    I would say 50% luck, 50% strict ba.

    For meimei right, i wrap her like a popiah every night when she's ard 2 months old (now she outgrown the cloth liao, lol). And since the say i started wrapping her, is the day she sleep thru.

    So it has since become a habit for her to sleep early and thru now.


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