Thursday, April 26, 2012


The husband sms me last night, "later give u surprise". LOL! Where got people give surprise msg the other party to tell her one? So i replied, "u tell me become no surprise liao leh". He replied, "ok, wait for me to come back".

(Anyway, his sms already gave me a surprise cos he NEVER sms me one! And i honestly have no idea what surprise issit, but i'm sure it's something gotta do with either car or gadgets.)

He came back around 10+pm, guess what surprise he gave??? Guess guess???



Xbox Kinect Set

He said, "u wanna slim down mah, Kinect can help u". LOLOL! But now, i'm only 0.5 kg away from my pre-preg weight, how much slimmer he wants me to go?! Yes yes, i'm not kidding, it's only 0.5 kg!!!

I took 7 long months to lose all the 23kgs! It doesn't matter how much you gained during pregnancy, it only matters how much you can lose after giving birth. Am glad i did it! I'm too vain not to do it actually.

So i'm right, it's a gadget! Haha! He's one gadgets king, totally opposite from me, cos i'm totally not into gadgets at all. Like phone ah, i'll buy one which has power camera and i can use it damn long, until it's spoil then i'll change a new one.

And devices like iPad and Samsung Note which everyone has been raving about, i've totally no interest in them. I think it's a waste of money, don't know why, to each of his own bah!

But then ah, my husband will buy and force me to use it. Then he will say, "don't say i never buy things for u". =,=

Buy also must buy something i like or useful mah. Buy all these i never/don't know how to use stuffs, for what huh?

But, i DO appreciate his thoughts though.


  1. wow..
    suddenly he change, but aso good lah.

    hey, yalor same as my hubby. He buy ipad la gadgets for me. Den to me is like no use lor.

    Aft reading ur post i feel that the way u sae him aso the way i sae him.
    Like buy something I like rather den he like. Den i always sae u buy liao den he can aso use it.
    One stone kill 2 birds.


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