Monday, April 9, 2012

A very Good Friday!

Yo! How's ya long weekend? Mine was, erm, okay, lol. Played mahjong for 3 consecutive nights, tired like crazy. End up, i slept my Sunday away, again. Haha!

My confinement aunty called me on Thursday noon, said she has just completed a job and was going back on Friday evening. So she said she wanna visit Raechelle on Friday noon and thus, i went to pick her up.

Very nice of her to always remember us!!!

Anyway, she will be coming back in about 2 weeks time to do confinement for one of my sec school mate. The one she just completed was JJ's director's friend. I shared her contact with all who asked me; readers, friends, friends' friend & etc. I really hope they will be as happy with aunty as i am! :)

She mentioned that alot of my 'friends' called her, but the months they're giving birth, she has already got a job on hand. Frankly speaking, i don't know who are those 'friends'. But if u need a confinement aunty to help from Sept - Dec, i think she's still available. CALL HER!!!

We have a dinner appointment with ZY's friends on Friday evening, so on our way out, we sent aunty home...

Then this Raeann wore a bee headgear and loitered around Orchard, lol!!!

After dinner, we hopped over to Paragon and she remembered there's this playground there! =.=

Took these while the men were smoking!

Mummy helped me to look after meimei so didn't bring her along cos she's VERY buay si tiam now. Up, down, up, down, cannot keep still at all. Oh yes, she can crawl now, omg, very scary!!! Super duper active, more active than Raeann when she was a baby lor!


  1. Hi gal, can i have the number of ur confinement lady?
    Thank you :)

  2. Hi Angela, can u email me, Thanks!


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