Monday, April 23, 2012

Watami @ JCube

Phewz, just done vacuuming the floor and feeling so 喘 now. Don't admit old also cannot, do abit of chore only, i feel like i can't catch my breath liao. When you're working for your parents, you have to do everything yourself. My company doesn't have a cleaner, so i'm a cleaner myself, haha!

Okay, the new JCube is open! Went there for lunch with my mum last week! Not advisable to go during the weekends for the meantime, cos there will be mountain of people.

JCube seems quite big but i've no time to explore that day, shall go again when i've time. Finally, other than JP, there's another place for Jurong siders to hang out now.

I'm so lazy now cos i only feel like rotting my weekends away at home...


  1. Actually Jcube got nothing to shop ... N still got quite a few big shops not open yet... So I think u can go next month will be better ;)

  2. Issit? Oh ok, then i go next month. LOL

  3. Hi Joanne,
    I was having a bad day yesterday. When I was in the bed last night. I am thinking if i could turn back the time. I wish that I am not born in this family and in this relationship. I was wondering if u can turn back the time even b4 u marry or meet ur hubby, will u change anything?

  4. Of cos, that is provided i'm able to turn back time...


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