Thursday, May 31, 2012

Totally Opposite Sisters

Guess what's she doing???

Last night, i caught her looking at iPhone, smiling happily. Then i found out that she's in the camera mode (front one somemore). So she's actually admiring & smiling at herself. LOLOL! Camwhore si bo?! I asked ZY if he's the one who switched to camera mode for her, he said no. It's meimei who click it herself. SO FUNNY! This one confirm my daughter lor! HAHAHA!

As for the other one hor, i seriously don't know what's wrong with her, where did all her female hormones go? Beside dislikes wearing skirts and dresses & tying hair, she loves to dress up lidat...

OMG!! But this isn't the worst! (Some said very stylo and fashion, haha!)

I got a shock when i saw her, she was with my mum at the temple and i went to pick them up for lunch. That's supposed to be a WINTER BOOTS, this is how she always mix and match. And the best part is, my mum actually allows her to do so! Aiyo! There was once she attended my cousin's wedding with them, she dressed herself very weirdly, thank god i didn't go.

P/S : One passer-by aunty asked where did i buy that boots, very special, she never see it before! LOLOL

Don't know what's my mum and ZY thinking sia! One keep buying her jerseys, another one keep buying her army clothes. 嫌她不够 tom boy meh? And my mum can keep asking me to let Raeann cut her hair short short so it's neater. Oh please, it's only her hair that make known her gender. I will never ever allow her to cut her hair now. In future if she wanna cut then i bo bian.

Luckily they respect me enough and didn't bring her to cut secretly. Everytime when she wanna cut her hair, they will call and ask me first. This should be the way, i am her mum, i make the decision.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

June is coming!!!

Wah lau, so fast sia, half a year has passed, just lidat??? Oh well, i should be happy becos my "18th birthday" is coming, yet again. (Yes, i'm forever 18!)

Not expecting anything anyway, it has been the same for the past few years - just like any other day, except for the fat angbao mummy never failed to pamper me with and Raeann's sweet & touching gestures & words.

My god, my parents are finally back. Last few days were torturous, meimei 'tekan' me until i was super frustrated. She has been cranky since the day we came back from CCK; i cannot leave her sight for even 1 minute, she will cry and cry and cry and cry.

But she's back to normal now, asked my aunt to 'do' something. Yes, i'm SUPER pantang over this, becos i cannot stand kids who cry and cry for nothing. Which is why i rather choose to believe than to suffer. Been there, done that, it's proven. Especially babies, i heard they are able to see 'things' which we can't. That's why sometimes they get super cranky for nothing. Anyway, this is my own point of view, no offence to other religions.

Asked mum to help me buy this, still my favourite scent after 10 years.


I is a happy girl today, had a better sleep last night, wearing my favourite fragrance & new wedges today, life's gonna be as awesome as before!!! :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Un-jinx it please!!!

My parents are at Hatyai now, mum's maid off on Sunday, thank god i survived this all alone weekend. But i is very tired now!!!

Was being tortured up by meimei at 6+am on Saturday morning. She's one ultimate terror, i swear. She will try all her ways and means to wake people up; pinch, scratch, slap, dig nose, pull eyes, etc etc. And she's not scare. No matter how i scold or beat her, she will only look at me (or cry when there are others around) with her most innocent look and smile and then try again in the next minute.

Brought the kids out to BK Arena for breakfast alone on Saturday & Sunday morning. Okay, they were cooperative.

Then back home...

She NEVER stop!!! Look at her sweaty head!

I really wonder why is she so different from 4 months ago? Thought she will be the more obedient one, but i was wrong. They said it's jinx, cannot say she's good in front of her, now i believe. Raeann is more independent and easier to tame. She? *shakehead* VERY naughty, VERY ugly, VERY anit-social, VERY active, VERY stubborn, VERY un-cute & etc etc.

But she knew she can get away with this innocent looks.

People kept telling me that her panda eyes are getting more and more jialat. Yeap, of cos i know, i'm seeing her everyday. But, what can i do? Tell me also no use lor, i don't know any magic. The only thing i can do is, teach her how to make up in future or maybe buy her more concealer.

But well, a moment like this keeps me going...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Life of a FTWM

Disclaimer : I'm not trying to prove how noble i am. Just an estimate account on what most FTWM does. And not what some people deemed us as "free" and "good life". I've friends whom are doing more. Besides working, they still gotta do what housewives do; cooking, doing household chores & looking after kids. I really wonder how they do it man!!

FTWM = Full Time Working Mum (Women who have to work for living!)

It really makes no sense & justice when people said that being a FTWM has good life. In what way? Tell me?

We're as busy as a full time housewife. And i mean, housewife = one who has to cook, do household chores & look after kids at the same time. I really salute housewives alot, becos i know i can never do it.

Me, as a FTWM, shall elaborate my routines and you judge it yourself, if being a FTWM has good life.

Everyday, i'm so deprived of sleep becos...


I've to wake up at 7am or earlier to prepare for work. Not only preparing myself, i've to prepare my kids as well cos i need to send them to my aunt's on the way to work.

At Work

Well, i admit, sometimes i'm super free at work. But there are times when i get super busy too. Like these few days, i'm rushing accounts. Sent my dad to hospital for reviews yesterday morning and i need to bring him there again tomorrow morning cos his BP shooted up to 240/100. Doctor is worried that he will get stroke. My dad is down with TB by the way and he has to go for check-ups every now and then.

Even during my free time at work, i don't get the freedom to go out as and when i like or meet friends for lunch everyday. Cos i might be summon back anytime when they need me.

And on rainy afternoon, i've to send/pick Raeann to/from school.

After Work

I usually leave the office after 6pm now. Then to my aunt's place to pick my kids and home. Then i've to wait for my mum's maid to finish her cooking so that i can pass meimei to her and go shower. That will be like 7+pm already.

I've to term her as 'my mum's maid' becos she is NOT my maid. She doesn't help me to look after my kids. Becos whenever i ask her to help, she will use this as an excuse not to do all her household chores. And so, i never. Only when i need to bathe or prepare, i will ask her to help me for awhile. And i mean, not longer than 30 minutes.

I cannot leave meimei without attendance becos she's sooooooooooooooooooooo active. She never stop moving, unless she's sleeping. But she don't nap alot! Her panda eyes are getting worse each day! :(

After shower, i'll take a quick 5 minutes dinner then take over my kids again. If Raeann has homework, i've to teach her. I try to put meimei to bed by 8:30pm so that i can have time for myself & Raeann. Sometimes, Raeann will sleep together with meimei, at 8:30pm or slightly later. Then at 9pm, i'll do my daily 30 minutes exercise. This is provided nobody disturbed meimei up. The husband and Raeann are extremely good at this. They will always do that and throw meimei back to me, saying "she is looking for u"! =.= And i've to force her to bed again.

I used the word 'force' becos she has sleeping problem; difficult to fall asleep but wakes up very easily. ZY has never put her to bed before, becos he said he don't know how to.

This is my usual weekdays routine.

Weekends - Saturday

To me, my weekdays or weekends make no difference. Cos i've to wake up when my kids wake up, can be as early as 6am.

Then, feed, bath, change, scold, pack & etc, all alone. The husband will not be at home.

Meimei seldom nap!!! And when she does, she don't nap longer than 30 minutes.

Usually, i'll take a quick shower when she nap.

I've to skip the 30 minutes exercise on the weekends becos i'll be too exhausted by the end of the day.

Weekends - Sunday

Ahhh, i love this day the most! Becos mummy will be at home to help me with the kids, either one. But sometimes, i need to report back to CCK lor. Will feel extremely sian about it, not becos i don't like that place, but becos i'm too tired and Sunday is my ONLY rest day.

Cock Ups

1) Days when the kids are unwell. OMG, i fear this THE MOST! Becos my kids hor, ALWAYS vomit in the middle of the night whenever they cough. It just happened last night. I tweeted about it.

P/S : Sorry, should be 意识 instead.

2) The husband refused to sleep on the floor, he complained here pain, there pain. So i let him sleep on the bed with the kids and i sleep on the floor; mattress. BUT, the kids will wake up in the middle of the night to look for me. So ah, when Raeann wakes up, i will ask her to sleep on the floor with me.

Then, maybe about 1 hour later, meimei will wake up and look for me too. So i've to move to the bed to coax & sleep with her. And then, Raeann will wake up again (sometimes to pee), nagging why i never sleep with her, so i've move down again.

So actually, the whole night i'm moving up and down, up and down, sleep badly deprived. It's happening everyday, for the past 1 week.

Dread Leaving the House Now

Friends said, "come out lah, bring your kids along, i help u look after". Thank you all, i appreciate it very much but well, i don't wanna take the challenge.

Becos meimei is not as sociable as Raeann, she dislikes skinny people. Unless there are friends' kids who can click well with Raeann, if not i'd rather stay at home.

Even when ZY offered to bring us out, i turned him down many times. Just imagine this scenerio...

Just sat down, feeling hungry and tired after a long day, waiting for dinner to be served, Raeann said she wanna pee. So i've to bring her to the toilet. Just started eating, meimei poo-ed. So i've to bring her to clean and change. And when i'm back with meimei, Raeann spilled water all over herself and the husband ordered me to bring her to the toilet to blow dry her top. I cannot even have a proper meal.

This really happened, on our wedding anniversary. No surprise, no gift, no sweet words, but be maid, on our wedding anniversary.

The only time when i can have peace is when...

I'm inside the toilet.

The only time when i can relieve my stress/meet-up with my friends is during...

My off day, which happens only ONCE a month.

So now, tell me, am i leading a good life??? Am i? I'm not saying i'm leading a miserable life cos i knew there are worst. I've always count my blessing for this. But i'm confirm NOT leading any good life lor.

I feel like crying while typing all these. (Becos i miss my freedom so much.)

Please continue to stay positive, Joanne.

Monday, May 21, 2012

8 months has passed???

Woah, my meimei turned 8 months old yesterday. Gosh, it seemed like i just gave birth not long ago... So it has been 8 months? No idea why, meimei seems to grow up faster. Why huh?

Anyway, she's still as active as ever. She knew how to go down the bed with her legs first since two weeks ago, god knows where she learnt that from. This stage is super tedious, for the care-giver. Who wanna slim down? Come & take care of her!!

P/S : I've surveyed that Raechelle dislikes skinny people, those skinny like a bamboo type. No wonder she cry like crazy when my MIL carry her.

Her daddy styled her hair, lol!

Spot her two tiny teeth!

She always drop into the 'hole'...

Can smile somemore!

Really cannot stand her!

Hmm, does she looks like a boy? Everyone mistaken her as boy lor. Even when she wore a DRESS and put on headband, two ah ma can come and ask me if she's a boy or girl! =.= I asked them, "boy got wear dress & put headband one meh?".

Zeming's Wedding ♥ 19th May 2012

Venue : Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

I've this love-hate feeling towards attending 老朋友's wedding. Becos i've to spend so much; fix nails & hair, buy new dress & shoes (didn't manage to get a new dress in the end but i bought 2 pairs of shoes, lol), just for that few hours of attendance. I've to do it cos i'm super vain, i wanna look good as i'll be seeing alot of friends whom i've not met for a long long time.

And well, i did. Saw so many different groups of friends there, some knew the groom, some knew the bride, what a small world! :)

A big hug to my mum... She helped me to pick the kids last Friday so that i can go & fix my nails. And helped me to look after them on Saturday so that i can attend the wedding in peace. Raeann doesn't wanna go cos she don't wanna wear a dress! =.=

Hey, i love my leopard preens Gelish leh!!!

It's so cheap only, $50 with nail art + one gel extension cos one nail broke! Thank god for this wonderful invention. And the best part? It's in Jurong!!! So convenient! Shall make it a point to visit there at least once a month.


The husband was asked to be the brother. Reg called him at blardy 6am, i woke up to pick up the call for him. Then, just when i was about to fall back asleep, Marvin called! =.= Meimei woke up as well! And i was all the way awake till night, not to mention that i only fell asleep at about 2+am. Tell me i'm not tired!!!

Sweet SIL asked if i wanna style my hair, she can do it for me since she's free. I wanted to go in my usual hairdo de, cos i think i look nice enough liao, hahaha! Not major styling lah, just a slanted waterfall braid.

This 2nd pic is without edit or filter. I love my eye makeup that day!!!

We re-arranged the seats among ourselves, 4 of us sat together, side by side. ZY went to sit at another table. We had so much fun gossiping and taking pictures! #whatwomendo

We took quite alot of pics but i'm lazy to edit. Need to edit cos it's so dark! And also, i forgotten which i can post and which i can't. You know, it's not nice to post unglam pics of others especially when they have already reminded you not to. Haha! Someone is VERY good at this leh!

Okay, so now, whose next? We guessed it's Reg, lol! Honestly, i miss my secondary school days alot. Those were the days, when i only need to eat, study, sleep & play, life's so carefree!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Be Contented

70% of the people out there are always not contented with what they have. Thus, they're always complaining on what they don't have. Cos they compare, compare & compare, with everyone on everything.

For example; today one of your good friend buy a Chanel bag, tomorrow you MUST buy one also, in order not to lose out. Even when you don't have that amount of money, you resort to borrow, applying bank loan or etc.

FOR WHAT HUH? I don't understand.

To me, all those material things are just wants, not needs. So if i've no money, i won't force to buy one & live on bread for the next few months. It's not as if without that thing, i will die, no! I will only spend when i've extra money. Becos i've learnt how to be contented & is very contented now.

The keyword is, "be contented".

If you're always not contented, you will ONLY focus on what you don't have. And when you can't get what you don't have, you will feel depressed & angry and therefore, every little thing frustrates you. Then you will become very negative, always thinking the whole world & everything are against you. That's when you start to kpkb; everyday. Becos every single minor little thing can annoys u alot.

P/S : These type of people love to compare and they cannot lose one. So if they're rich enough to (always) get what others have, they will become copycats. LOL!

P/P/S : It's okay to (always) buy the same things of cos, but don't keep using the same lame excuse "just a coinciLAN" lah. LOLOL!

But when you know how to be contented, you will appreciate everything you have. When you started appreciating every little things you have, you will be more positive. When you keep staying positive, your life will be more and more awesome each day.

Don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to preach, just some random thoughts.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

She's my friend for life!

Date : 11th May 2012

There isn't much need to say more, a picture speaks a thousand words. My dearest friend from primary one till now. We only contact/meet-up once in a blue moon. But i know, she will definitely be there for me when i need her, for sure. All my close friends understand that i'm too busy with my kids, and not that i refused to meet them. And thus, all of them are very nice to accommodate me, even when i asked them out at the very last minute. Love them so much!

Everyone's busy with our own life when we grow up. Only true friends stay and put in effort for the friendship. Not like some people out there hor, when you got no time to meet them, they talk rubbish behind your back to others. These type of friends ah, 不要也罢! You won't lose any hair or affect your life in any ways by losing them.

Anyway, we were at Vivo that day becos i told her i need to get shoes & clothes for a wedding this weekend (unable to find a suitable dress yet, any intro?). So she accompanied me to shop! We bought a same pair of shoes from C&K and a same flora dress from LB together. So happy cos shoes super pretty and dress super comfy! :)

We left around 10+pm cos most shops were closed. I sent her home and we chatted for 1-2 hours inside the car under her block, hahaha! Her hb asked why were we chatting downstairs. I told him it's romantic this way, lol!

Both of us were very tired as we were yawning away. However, i feel that i'm home too early, so wasted lor!

Well, thinking who should i meet next month now! Birthday month, should have more than one off day hor???

Friday, May 11, 2012

What have i been up to?

I haven been blogging lately. I knew there are people missing me cos i received a few msgs, asking why i didn't blog, lol.

Aiya, i've got nothing to blog about leh. Life's not interesting anymore cos i've been staying at home. Even though there bounds to be different things that are happening everyday, but i don't really bother about it. Partly also becos, i'm hooked on Sushido again, haha!

Wah, i super long never log in lor. Then that day, i log in to see if there are still people playing. And to my surprise, there are, not as many as last time though. But most of them are very high levels, i'm level 163 now. And i don't play with those whose level below 100, i don't like the feeling of keep winning them. I want challenge! Lose is ok!

Anyway, today's my monthly 'off-day' and i'll be meeting Ling in the evening. To be exact, it's not even one day off, it's only few hours, monthly. How pathetic right! I'll be doing shopping tonight as i've a wedding dinner next week, sian big time. Nails chui, face chui, everything chui, how to go sia?

Blog again soon~

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Suana AGAIN!!!

Can somebody come and save me??? My office aircon is spoil AGAIN and i'm warm like crazy now. I've no car cos mummy drove my car away otherwise i would have escape to West Mall for some aircon. OMG. This is terrible, torturing and whatever you can describe.

The stuffiness made me can't think properly, having mental block now. How i wish i can get out of here!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!


Edited : 4:45pm

FINALLY! Someone is here to repair!!! AND IT'S DONE!!! :))))))

Friday, May 4, 2012

Why is she so active?

Meimei should seriously change her name to 瑞车 instead. Becos she's just like an excavator, up down up down, forever non-stop. She has an olive shape butt like her sister, cannot sit still at all. But she's worse, cos she sleep very little in the noon!!!

ZY said meimei is an angel only when she's sleeping, lol. Can you imagine the whole noon, she's there up down up down, pull this touch that, i really wonder how my aunt manage. Cos every weekends, i'll be so exhausted looking after her. My cousin said i was right to give her this name 'Raechelle' cos she's very 'di siao'. HAHAHA

Caught her standing up on her own that day, looking at her daddy.

Her hair grow damn fast, unlike Raeann.

OMG, i think she will be as tom boy as her sister lor, even though i really hope not. Piang eh! Why huh? Issit gene? I very tom boy meh? In terms of character, yes. But i'm extremely vain one leh.

So vain till i can't stop cam whoring!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


And i really 动 alot yesterday!!! It feels like a Sunday yesterday lor, and i'm having 'Wednesday Blues' now, cos of the stupid weather. Really really hate rainy mornings, cos i've to send my kids alone. Don't have so many hands to hold Raeann, carry Raechelle, carry bag & hold an umbrella together. So i've to make 2 trips, and remind Raeann many times not to wander about & wait for me at that very spot. By the time i'm done sheltering my two kids, i got myself drenched, how nice lor.

Alright, enough of rants, STAY POSITIVE! :)

Know why i said i really 动 alot yesterday? LOL

Becos of this lah!!!

Tmd, this really makes people PERSPIRE like crazy. Just 4-5 songs are enough, you will become as though you've just bathed. My whole body is aching now, so is Bobo, lol!

Really thoughtful of the husband to buy this for me, instead of spending a few thousands on those slimming centres, with no guarantee results. He will not spend a few K on me anyway & neither will i spend a few K on those too. Shall make him dance with me one day, HAHAHA!

Everybody can have fun!