Monday, May 21, 2012

8 months has passed???

Woah, my meimei turned 8 months old yesterday. Gosh, it seemed like i just gave birth not long ago... So it has been 8 months? No idea why, meimei seems to grow up faster. Why huh?

Anyway, she's still as active as ever. She knew how to go down the bed with her legs first since two weeks ago, god knows where she learnt that from. This stage is super tedious, for the care-giver. Who wanna slim down? Come & take care of her!!

P/S : I've surveyed that Raechelle dislikes skinny people, those skinny like a bamboo type. No wonder she cry like crazy when my MIL carry her.

Her daddy styled her hair, lol!

Spot her two tiny teeth!

She always drop into the 'hole'...

Can smile somemore!

Really cannot stand her!

Hmm, does she looks like a boy? Everyone mistaken her as boy lor. Even when she wore a DRESS and put on headband, two ah ma can come and ask me if she's a boy or girl! =.= I asked them, "boy got wear dress & put headband one meh?".


  1. It makes people wanna go.. Orrrrrrhhhhh soooooooo cuteeeeeee! Lol!

  2. Raechelle is so sweet!! Love her smile a lot!!! Her hair makes her look boyish.. Keke..

  3. Hi Joanne,
    I know this is very random, b4 i was going to back yest, I was reading ur post. I dreamt of you. In my dream, ur MIL asked u to joining her to buy toto and it is worth $3 million. U reject her. She won $3million, when she was on the stage with ur FIL taking photo, u r at the bottom of the stage, telling ur hubbyu, should have share with them. Then I wake up already.

  4. Hahah Anonymous, your comment made me laugh. My MIL never ask me to buy toto b4 leh.

    But i also won't buy. Becos i don't have such luck. My mum always ask me to buy for a hope, i never buy one lor. I can go queue and help her buy but never buy for myself. I never like buying toto. LOL

  5. Do u sleep well every night? I feel that I haven been sleeping well for the pass 10 yrs. Quite often I dream of dead people or people dying. I even dream of myself dying.

  6. Hmm, i was never a heavy sleeper to starts with. I woke up at the slightest sound or when someone on the lights, Raechelle has my this gene, which is very bad.

    Do you know that every dream has some explaination behind it? Like if you always dream you're flying, means u are feeling very insecure.

    I do dream of people dying sometimes. When i wake up, i will give that person a buzz and check if he/she is ok and ask them to be more careful.

    Dreaming of someone/ownself give birth is no gd, my mum said one. hahaha

  7. do u know wat it mean when dream of giving birth? I dreamt that I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with big eyes, small mouth and always look at me.

  8. Yeap i know but i not sure if it's the same as yours or not. What's yours?

  9. I donno. I was asking if u know.

  10. Eh, actually nothing lah. But my mum said when u dream of giving birth means something bad gonna happen soon.


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