Wednesday, May 2, 2012


And i really 动 alot yesterday!!! It feels like a Sunday yesterday lor, and i'm having 'Wednesday Blues' now, cos of the stupid weather. Really really hate rainy mornings, cos i've to send my kids alone. Don't have so many hands to hold Raeann, carry Raechelle, carry bag & hold an umbrella together. So i've to make 2 trips, and remind Raeann many times not to wander about & wait for me at that very spot. By the time i'm done sheltering my two kids, i got myself drenched, how nice lor.

Alright, enough of rants, STAY POSITIVE! :)

Know why i said i really 动 alot yesterday? LOL

Becos of this lah!!!

Tmd, this really makes people PERSPIRE like crazy. Just 4-5 songs are enough, you will become as though you've just bathed. My whole body is aching now, so is Bobo, lol!

Really thoughtful of the husband to buy this for me, instead of spending a few thousands on those slimming centres, with no guarantee results. He will not spend a few K on me anyway & neither will i spend a few K on those too. Shall make him dance with me one day, HAHAHA!

Everybody can have fun!


  1. hi joanne, I am really down, can I sent u an email to share with u?

  2. lols! next time let amby and raeann play together la! hahahaha


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