Wednesday, May 30, 2012

June is coming!!!

Wah lau, so fast sia, half a year has passed, just lidat??? Oh well, i should be happy becos my "18th birthday" is coming, yet again. (Yes, i'm forever 18!)

Not expecting anything anyway, it has been the same for the past few years - just like any other day, except for the fat angbao mummy never failed to pamper me with and Raeann's sweet & touching gestures & words.

My god, my parents are finally back. Last few days were torturous, meimei 'tekan' me until i was super frustrated. She has been cranky since the day we came back from CCK; i cannot leave her sight for even 1 minute, she will cry and cry and cry and cry.

But she's back to normal now, asked my aunt to 'do' something. Yes, i'm SUPER pantang over this, becos i cannot stand kids who cry and cry for nothing. Which is why i rather choose to believe than to suffer. Been there, done that, it's proven. Especially babies, i heard they are able to see 'things' which we can't. That's why sometimes they get super cranky for nothing. Anyway, this is my own point of view, no offence to other religions.

Asked mum to help me buy this, still my favourite scent after 10 years.


I is a happy girl today, had a better sleep last night, wearing my favourite fragrance & new wedges today, life's gonna be as awesome as before!!! :)

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