Tuesday, May 15, 2012

She's my friend for life!

Date : 11th May 2012

There isn't much need to say more, a picture speaks a thousand words. My dearest friend from primary one till now. We only contact/meet-up once in a blue moon. But i know, she will definitely be there for me when i need her, for sure. All my close friends understand that i'm too busy with my kids, and not that i refused to meet them. And thus, all of them are very nice to accommodate me, even when i asked them out at the very last minute. Love them so much!

Everyone's busy with our own life when we grow up. Only true friends stay and put in effort for the friendship. Not like some people out there hor, when you got no time to meet them, they talk rubbish behind your back to others. These type of friends ah, 不要也罢! You won't lose any hair or affect your life in any ways by losing them.

Anyway, we were at Vivo that day becos i told her i need to get shoes & clothes for a wedding this weekend (unable to find a suitable dress yet, any intro?). So she accompanied me to shop! We bought a same pair of shoes from C&K and a same flora dress from LB together. So happy cos shoes super pretty and dress super comfy! :)

We left around 10+pm cos most shops were closed. I sent her home and we chatted for 1-2 hours inside the car under her block, hahaha! Her hb asked why were we chatting downstairs. I told him it's romantic this way, lol!

Both of us were very tired as we were yawning away. However, i feel that i'm home too early, so wasted lor!

Well, thinking who should i meet next month now! Birthday month, should have more than one off day hor???


  1. haha.. I wished I was not that tired.. lol..
    Catch up again!

  2. Yeap! I wished too. But no choice cos we woke up so early!!!


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