Thursday, May 31, 2012

Totally Opposite Sisters

Guess what's she doing???

Last night, i caught her looking at iPhone, smiling happily. Then i found out that she's in the camera mode (front one somemore). So she's actually admiring & smiling at herself. LOLOL! Camwhore si bo?! I asked ZY if he's the one who switched to camera mode for her, he said no. It's meimei who click it herself. SO FUNNY! This one confirm my daughter lor! HAHAHA!

As for the other one hor, i seriously don't know what's wrong with her, where did all her female hormones go? Beside dislikes wearing skirts and dresses & tying hair, she loves to dress up lidat...

OMG!! But this isn't the worst! (Some said very stylo and fashion, haha!)

I got a shock when i saw her, she was with my mum at the temple and i went to pick them up for lunch. That's supposed to be a WINTER BOOTS, this is how she always mix and match. And the best part is, my mum actually allows her to do so! Aiyo! There was once she attended my cousin's wedding with them, she dressed herself very weirdly, thank god i didn't go.

P/S : One passer-by aunty asked where did i buy that boots, very special, she never see it before! LOLOL

Don't know what's my mum and ZY thinking sia! One keep buying her jerseys, another one keep buying her army clothes. 嫌她不够 tom boy meh? And my mum can keep asking me to let Raeann cut her hair short short so it's neater. Oh please, it's only her hair that make known her gender. I will never ever allow her to cut her hair now. In future if she wanna cut then i bo bian.

Luckily they respect me enough and didn't bring her to cut secretly. Everytime when she wanna cut her hair, they will call and ask me first. This should be the way, i am her mum, i make the decision.

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