Monday, May 28, 2012

Un-jinx it please!!!

My parents are at Hatyai now, mum's maid off on Sunday, thank god i survived this all alone weekend. But i is very tired now!!!

Was being tortured up by meimei at 6+am on Saturday morning. She's one ultimate terror, i swear. She will try all her ways and means to wake people up; pinch, scratch, slap, dig nose, pull eyes, etc etc. And she's not scare. No matter how i scold or beat her, she will only look at me (or cry when there are others around) with her most innocent look and smile and then try again in the next minute.

Brought the kids out to BK Arena for breakfast alone on Saturday & Sunday morning. Okay, they were cooperative.

Then back home...

She NEVER stop!!! Look at her sweaty head!

I really wonder why is she so different from 4 months ago? Thought she will be the more obedient one, but i was wrong. They said it's jinx, cannot say she's good in front of her, now i believe. Raeann is more independent and easier to tame. She? *shakehead* VERY naughty, VERY ugly, VERY anit-social, VERY active, VERY stubborn, VERY un-cute & etc etc.

But she knew she can get away with this innocent looks.

People kept telling me that her panda eyes are getting more and more jialat. Yeap, of cos i know, i'm seeing her everyday. But, what can i do? Tell me also no use lor, i don't know any magic. The only thing i can do is, teach her how to make up in future or maybe buy her more concealer.

But well, a moment like this keeps me going...


  1. Hi pretty mummy,

    You are wonderful. I can't even handle one when bring my lil one out yet you can handle 2 out.

    Mind share how much age gap btw Raeann and meimei?

  2. Haiz, i've no choice but to do it.

    They are 4 years & 8 days apart. Both of them are September babies.

  3. have u seen any good fortune teller before?

  4. I love reading ur blog! Chanced by it... Anyway, im not a mom myself but really admire u for taking care of two princesses by yourself. Inspiring to be a FTWM and managed ur princesses pretty well. I am juz a yr ur jnr (i think so) yet i find it tough to takare of my niece and her didi (almost same age as urs) even for an hour... Haha!!

  5. Ryl,

    Seriously hor, if i have a choice, i don't want to do what i am doing now. Sigh.

    Should have been more nonchalant and leave my kids to others and bring them home only once a week. So that i can concentrate working on weekdays.

    Sometimes i feel so sleepy but yet have to drive whole day on the road.

    So tired, really.

  6. Anyway, ur blog is really interesting and real:))

    Well, maybe cos u are still young ba:) but im sure u have a supportive family:) which u should appreciate it much.

  7. Ryl,

    Yeap, i do, thanks so much for reading this blog! :)


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