Friday, May 11, 2012

What have i been up to?

I haven been blogging lately. I knew there are people missing me cos i received a few msgs, asking why i didn't blog, lol.

Aiya, i've got nothing to blog about leh. Life's not interesting anymore cos i've been staying at home. Even though there bounds to be different things that are happening everyday, but i don't really bother about it. Partly also becos, i'm hooked on Sushido again, haha!

Wah, i super long never log in lor. Then that day, i log in to see if there are still people playing. And to my surprise, there are, not as many as last time though. But most of them are very high levels, i'm level 163 now. And i don't play with those whose level below 100, i don't like the feeling of keep winning them. I want challenge! Lose is ok!

Anyway, today's my monthly 'off-day' and i'll be meeting Ling in the evening. To be exact, it's not even one day off, it's only few hours, monthly. How pathetic right! I'll be doing shopping tonight as i've a wedding dinner next week, sian big time. Nails chui, face chui, everything chui, how to go sia?

Blog again soon~

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