Friday, May 4, 2012

Why is she so active?

Meimei should seriously change her name to 瑞车 instead. Becos she's just like an excavator, up down up down, forever non-stop. She has an olive shape butt like her sister, cannot sit still at all. But she's worse, cos she sleep very little in the noon!!!

ZY said meimei is an angel only when she's sleeping, lol. Can you imagine the whole noon, she's there up down up down, pull this touch that, i really wonder how my aunt manage. Cos every weekends, i'll be so exhausted looking after her. My cousin said i was right to give her this name 'Raechelle' cos she's very 'di siao'. HAHAHA

Caught her standing up on her own that day, looking at her daddy.

Her hair grow damn fast, unlike Raeann.

OMG, i think she will be as tom boy as her sister lor, even though i really hope not. Piang eh! Why huh? Issit gene? I very tom boy meh? In terms of character, yes. But i'm extremely vain one leh.

So vain till i can't stop cam whoring!


  1. Wah, she very big girl liao leh. Hope got chance to meet you before sept. Haha!


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