Monday, May 21, 2012

Zeming's Wedding ♥ 19th May 2012

Venue : Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

I've this love-hate feeling towards attending 老朋友's wedding. Becos i've to spend so much; fix nails & hair, buy new dress & shoes (didn't manage to get a new dress in the end but i bought 2 pairs of shoes, lol), just for that few hours of attendance. I've to do it cos i'm super vain, i wanna look good as i'll be seeing alot of friends whom i've not met for a long long time.

And well, i did. Saw so many different groups of friends there, some knew the groom, some knew the bride, what a small world! :)

A big hug to my mum... She helped me to pick the kids last Friday so that i can go & fix my nails. And helped me to look after them on Saturday so that i can attend the wedding in peace. Raeann doesn't wanna go cos she don't wanna wear a dress! =.=

Hey, i love my leopard preens Gelish leh!!!

It's so cheap only, $50 with nail art + one gel extension cos one nail broke! Thank god for this wonderful invention. And the best part? It's in Jurong!!! So convenient! Shall make it a point to visit there at least once a month.


The husband was asked to be the brother. Reg called him at blardy 6am, i woke up to pick up the call for him. Then, just when i was about to fall back asleep, Marvin called! =.= Meimei woke up as well! And i was all the way awake till night, not to mention that i only fell asleep at about 2+am. Tell me i'm not tired!!!

Sweet SIL asked if i wanna style my hair, she can do it for me since she's free. I wanted to go in my usual hairdo de, cos i think i look nice enough liao, hahaha! Not major styling lah, just a slanted waterfall braid.

This 2nd pic is without edit or filter. I love my eye makeup that day!!!

We re-arranged the seats among ourselves, 4 of us sat together, side by side. ZY went to sit at another table. We had so much fun gossiping and taking pictures! #whatwomendo

We took quite alot of pics but i'm lazy to edit. Need to edit cos it's so dark! And also, i forgotten which i can post and which i can't. You know, it's not nice to post unglam pics of others especially when they have already reminded you not to. Haha! Someone is VERY good at this leh!

Okay, so now, whose next? We guessed it's Reg, lol! Honestly, i miss my secondary school days alot. Those were the days, when i only need to eat, study, sleep & play, life's so carefree!



  1. Nice hairdo & Makeup, why no photo of Bride & Groom photos wor? hee

  2. Oh, now u say, then i realised, i forgot. Was too self-obsessed and engrossed in gossips liao. HAHAHAHAHA


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