Thursday, June 28, 2012

Career or Family

I finally understand why people said it's very hard for woman to handle career and family together.

To some, career = work at a fixed time, getting a fixed salary. But to me, career = climbing up step by step, get promoted, earning more and more money, which required alot of time and hard work.

Two weeks ago, i was so firmed in changing my job next year (i've found my direction) and i've decided to place my kids in the childcare and employ a maid to look after them.

Then i told the husband about it. He said something that made me pondered, for days.

P/S : My husband is very against to the idea of me working outside, since many years ago. So he will come up with all sorts of reasons and excuses.

He said, "Most of women (married with kids) who focused on career will end up having broken marriage becos they have no time for the kids and husband. And Raeann is going to Primary One soon, you have to be there to watch over her.".

Then my heart and mind started to waver again... Sigh

Well, i dare not say my kids will become angels with me supervising them. But i can be sure that they will turn devils if i'm not doing so, especially Raeann, she's smart at the wrong areas. Meimei is still a baby so i can't judge yet.

And i started to think further and further, weighing which is more important. I remember reading this sentence somewhere...

"No amount of toys or money spent on your kids can be compared to the time you spent on them."

If i want to make more money, i will have to work hard, work late and maybe work during the weekends (sometimes). Therefore, i won't have so much time for them anymore.

In fact, i've alot of ambitions. But i hate myself for not being harsh enough, which set me to what i'm today. Becos whenever i wanna do something, i'll think of the consequences & everyone else first. Good or bad?

I know i only have myself to blame.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Maybe she can be a model in future!

It happens everytime!!!

Damn funny that day at Sentosa lor. She was very sleepy, kept dozing off already. Then the moment we stepped into the lift, where there were mirrors around, she immediately brighten up and kept smiling at herself. There were others around lor, then those people laughed at her.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ice Cream Workshop

Date : 24th June 2012
Venue : Times Centre

PY bought the coupons for the kids long time ago but i don't have the time to go becos my parents kept going to & fro Hatyai and there's no one to look after ah mei for me. But becos the coupons are expiring soon, we had to go, by hook or by crook otherwise it will be wasted. So the last available date was on the 24th, a day after my birthday.

Dragged myself to drive there becos i was very tired, headache & my whole body was aching due to carrying meimei for hours under the hot sun the day before. And i don't know where the hell is Times Centre. Used GPS but it brought me merry go round, the long way, as usual.

I met PY there becos she was already in town, she wanted to come Jurong to pick me (that's what we planned earlier) but i said no need. Crazy right? Town - Jurong - Town again! I never like to trouble others. If it's on the way, okay.

Times Centre, a super ulu industrial building located near Paya Lebar. Sian lor, we thought can go for coffee or shopping while waiting for them. But there's nothing nearby, except other buildings. So we waited there, while the kids went into the room to make ice cream.

I thought it was just a normal ice cream making class, like any other baking classes. But no, they are gonna make the ice cream without refrigerator!!! Using ice to shake shake shake, and it become ice cream. Amazing! They're learning abit of science too!

Shaking Time

Short while later, their ice cream was done and parents were invited to go in to taste & take pictures. Kaoz, it really become ice cream sia. I asked Raeann to teach me how to do. The ice cream is not sweet, made purely from milk, i think. Good for the kids.

Got cert somemore, lol!

PY said the workshop is only $9.90 per kid. So cheap! Parents around, if you happened to see this deal online, you can bring your kid there, for experience and learning. Now, we're trying to search for more classes for the two kiddos. Best is those that take up few hours, lol. So we can go shopping while waiting for them!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Simple :: Blessed 28th Birthday

Round 1 :: Dim Sum Lunch @ Swatow Restaurant; 22nd June.

The husband brought us there, without meimei, becos Raeann followed me to the office and i need to run errands in the noon, the husband accompanied me around! :)

Round 2 :: Angry Birds Cable Car Ride @ Mount Faber; 23rd June.

Saw this deal online at $30++ per pax inclusive of 1) to & fro Angry Birds cable car ride, 2) ala carte buffet lunch & 3) souvniers (Angry Birds mask & mug), i bought it immediately cos i knew Raeann will love it! Then i decided to bring them there on my birthday, and since it's my birthday, i asked the husband to pay for it, lol.

P/S : This year, he is much much much nicer than last few years. Maybe becos he made me angry before that? Or maybe he learnt how to appreciate me? I don't know. But he's so nice this year, i ish a happy wife.

Angry Birds Paradise

So cute hor?

There's a big plush toy inside each Angry Birds cabin, tied to the seat!

Okay, meimei is NOT scare at all. As daring as her sister and mum, i think.

Next up, we had lunch at Taste of Asia. Gosh, their portions are HUGE and we can order as many as we want becos it's a buffet. We ordered 4 main courses, eat until want to vomit. And the food is not bad, not super nice but okay, average.

The small tow kay!

This pic very funny, look at the "Wanted" ah mei!!! (Not i take one.)

We decided not to walk around and go back straight after lunch cos 1) meimei was very sleepy and 2) the weather was sooooooo fucking ta ma de hot, all of us cannot take it. Luckily never become chao ta!!! I don't have the habit of applying sun block or whatever shit on my body & hair.

Becos of the weather, the cabin was EXTREMELY stuffy, it felt like an oven!!!

The free mugs with mocktail, one leaked and we threw it away.

Bought these for the kiddos!

Honestly, i think the deal is quite worth for it's price but IF the sun is not so power, it will be more fun! However, my kids enjoyed, that's the most important.

Round 3 :: Dinner with thy family, XS & her hb @ 春盛园, arranged & treated by the husband.

ZY never failed to order way too much food, not expensive though.

Ended the day with some late night shopping!

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Here, i'd like to thank the husband for everything; the cable car ride, dinner treat & $$. Thanks mummy for the fat angbao. Thanks Zing, Peiyan & Peiwen for the unexpected sweet pressies. Thanks Raeann for the $15 angbao which she asked me to take it to buy my favourite Prada bag, lolol. I think she meant paper one. HAHAHA!

Oh, XS gave me an angbao but i gave her back the money. Aiya, friends still must give angbao meh? (I mean, i will only accept angbaos from elders!) Hahaha! I didn't think it was my birthday celebration anyway, just a normal get together dinner. Thanks to those who were present at the dinner. No cake, i don't need and don't like it. Can't remember when was the last time i cutted a cake too.

A big hug to each and everyone who sent me wishes thru FB, twitter, whatsapp, SMS or wherever, appreciate it very much.

I feel so blessed this year! :)

P/S : Shit man, i forgot to make a wish, haha! I've plenty of wishes leh, i don't know which one to make. Think i should make a wishlist...

Friday, June 22, 2012


Hahaha, the cold war has finally ended after 4 days. I ignored the husband for a straight 4 days. He tried ways and means to talk to me. He said "wah, u ate the mute nut issit?" and "later your mouth smelly ah", i ignored him. He used money to tempt me, i also ignored him. He called me, i don't wanna answer. He seeked help from my mum, also no use. He pestered me every night, "talk to me leh, pls". LOL

So last night, he wanna hug me to bed, omg, i feel so uneasy. Afterall, it's been years since we last hugged, kissed and held hands. I told him, "thanks to u, i'm so independent now".

He promised me alot of things last night, let's see if he will do it, keeping my finger crossed. =X

And for the first time, he thanked and praised me for giving him two very cute kids. Well, all husbands should do this, isn't it? Don't take this for granted, it's not easy to carry a baby in the tummy, ensuring the baby is fine throughout the 10 months. And the labour/wound pain we have to go through, then the time and energy to take care of the kids. IT'S NOT EASY!

To all the husbands out there, please remember to thank and praise your wives for these, you will make her day by doing so!!! :)

Siao liao, in another 12 more hours, i'll be officially 28 years old. *cry out loud*

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Pretty amazed by how some people can be such good actors and actresses. I mean, they can talk craps about a certain someone to another person, but the next moment, u see them pretending to be like 'best friend' towards the certain someone they talked craps about, asking them out & etc. WOW!

Do you go out with people you dislike? How? Becos i don't. I don't think i will have any common topic with them and that's why i will never go out with people i dislike. Well, i don't mean making enemy either. I don't like to make enemy with anyone unless that person pushes over the limit. Otherwise, i'll just ignore them, get them out of my life, totally.

P/S : Talking craps about someone is not saying something which is for their own good and that someone have heard it from you before. It's saying about erm... 'people being materialistic for wanting to marry a rich husband' or 'people dying to have a son till they went to fortune teller to ask but still get a daughter and you're there laughing'. Yeah, this is what i meant, FF is very good at it.

You see, she had talked craps about many others to me before. But i never go around telling those people about it becos i don't see the need to gain sympathy and friends this way.

But, she's not the only one lah. There are many of the same "patterns" in this world.

I've this one "friend", she is was always complaining to me about others. Saying this girl always never bring money out, ask her pay and she buay tahan. Saying another girl this this this and that that that. But the next moment i see her asking them out on FB & chat like best friends! =.=

So i decided not to contact her anymore (since last year). And i bet she told others craps about me too. I don't care lah, she's outta my life anyway. Nope, didn't make enemy so we will still say hi-bye when we happen to meet but i will never go out with her or get close to her again.

Sorry, but i don't know how to be that fake.

#TheSecret : Keep all the negative (fake) people out of my life!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

I miss my mommy!

My mum will be coming back today, alone, finally!!!

Last weekend was hell. Becos meimei was not feeling well, having fever due to teething and she was extremely whiny and cranky.

It's the first time i see her lidat! In the past, even when she was sick (she seldom fall sick anyway, this is the 2nd time i think), she was still very active. But this time round, she was so restless, and she can't sleep well, woke up every 5 minutes. I know she was feeling terrible inside and yet, i can't suffer for her, how i wish i'm the one sick instead!

Bo sent me this pic when we left her at home to attend MIL's birthday dinner. What a sad face! I didn't bring her along becos she was sick, low immune system and i don't wish her to get other virus outside. And in fact, i didn't want to go also, i want to stay at home to look after her. But the husband wasn't understanding enough, so i had no choice.

Thank god she was better the next day and regained her normal self; the smiley + super active mode. At times like this, i'm really thankful for my family. If rely on the husband, i think i will die, or maybe committed suicide. Besides NOT helping a single bit, he still got the cheek to say nonsenses.

I dare to say my tolerance level towards him is already super high. He knew that i was already pissed and yet he continued to say more nonsenses. Ok fine, be prepared to get my ignorance. I'm good at ignoring people and i can ignore him for as long as i want.

But the problem with him is, he always expect me to be ok the moment he gives in. It's like, example; this moment he gave me a slap and the next moment when he said sorry, i MUST forgive. He can wait, he should know that his wife is a very stubborn person.

He tried to give in after that & this morning but i ignored him totally. I'm really super pissed.

He said 我没有他会死 (without him, i will die), oh yeah? We shall see.

Without him, my life will be 100x better than now, I AM SURE.

And can someone just let him know this?

It's the father duty to support the family. Stop thinking that he need not help a single thing becos he paid for the kids. Stop thinking that looking after the kids is my sole responsibility. I ALSO HAVE TO WORK becos he didn't give me a single cent, so he's not the only one working & feeling tired. Stop being so selfish and only think for himself, himself and only himself. And last but not least, STOP TALKING NONSENSES. Period!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In DND mode!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I will not be blogging so often now becos i'm piled with alot alot of work. It's crazy i tell you, i've like 20 books of vouchers to do. Gosh!

[Sunday; 10th June 2012]

Brought these two terrors to do marketing with the parents!

Thankful that they've got my 'fair' gene. And whenever they play or weather too hot, both their cheeks will become rosy red, like they have some blusher on lidat! Becos of this, many people asked what did i feed them with. LOLOL! It's gene lah!!! I where got so genius! I give them almost everything that's edible lor. Oh, except beef, due to religious belief. Me and ZY don't take beef too! (I've had beef before but i don't like it.)

Okay, since she likes to mess with the basket so much...

Kept her inside for 15 mins, she tried her ways and means to climb out from it but unable to. But, she never make any noise or call for help.

See! Can smile somemore!

The daddy brought Raeann out for a movie, which she requested. I don't wanna go becos my arms are breaking from carrying meimei at the market for hours. 

Sigh, the father and the daughter really cannot go out together. Cos they will come back with big & small bags. This time round, they came back with two very big boxes of toys!!!

This is the reason why i hate buying toys.

7/10 of this room are the kids' toys and stuffs. It's stacking higher and higher now. You see, this is NOT our own house, it's my parent's. And there are other people in the house, they have their own amount of stuffs too. Which is why i said the house has no more space. People always say, "but your house is big what". Yeah, big, but alot of people also mah.

This is meimei's, chosen by her jiejie!

And this is jiejie's. What's wrong with her face?!?!

OMG, my parents are leaving for HDY now, again!!! It's a super last minute decision. Booked only yesterday noon, leaving today! :( And they bought only one way ticket!! No idea when will they return. My god, my god. Say hello to horror weekend, again. There goes my Friday plan...

Okay, gonna get cracking with my work now. I'll be back, soon!


Monday, June 11, 2012

The Secret

XX and QQ have been talking about and introducing people to one book called "The Secret". It's a book talking about the 'Law of Attraction'. Remember that day i mentioned i saw a book at T3's Times bookshop? That book is called "The Power", it's the sister/brother of "The Secret" i assumed.

I saw it in Popular bookstore, also selling at $36.38. But my mum's a member so i get 20% off.

Actually, after reading first few pages of "The Secret", i feel that "The Power" is a better book. Maybe i'll get that too, soon.

Well, i read not becos i love reading. But becos i wanna be a better person. You should too! :)