Friday, June 22, 2012


Hahaha, the cold war has finally ended after 4 days. I ignored the husband for a straight 4 days. He tried ways and means to talk to me. He said "wah, u ate the mute nut issit?" and "later your mouth smelly ah", i ignored him. He used money to tempt me, i also ignored him. He called me, i don't wanna answer. He seeked help from my mum, also no use. He pestered me every night, "talk to me leh, pls". LOL

So last night, he wanna hug me to bed, omg, i feel so uneasy. Afterall, it's been years since we last hugged, kissed and held hands. I told him, "thanks to u, i'm so independent now".

He promised me alot of things last night, let's see if he will do it, keeping my finger crossed. =X

And for the first time, he thanked and praised me for giving him two very cute kids. Well, all husbands should do this, isn't it? Don't take this for granted, it's not easy to carry a baby in the tummy, ensuring the baby is fine throughout the 10 months. And the labour/wound pain we have to go through, then the time and energy to take care of the kids. IT'S NOT EASY!

To all the husbands out there, please remember to thank and praise your wives for these, you will make her day by doing so!!! :)

Siao liao, in another 12 more hours, i'll be officially 28 years old. *cry out loud*


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