Thursday, June 21, 2012


Pretty amazed by how some people can be such good actors and actresses. I mean, they can talk craps about a certain someone to another person, but the next moment, u see them pretending to be like 'best friend' towards the certain someone they talked craps about, asking them out & etc. WOW!

Do you go out with people you dislike? How? Becos i don't. I don't think i will have any common topic with them and that's why i will never go out with people i dislike. Well, i don't mean making enemy either. I don't like to make enemy with anyone unless that person pushes over the limit. Otherwise, i'll just ignore them, get them out of my life, totally.

P/S : Talking craps about someone is not saying something which is for their own good and that someone have heard it from you before. It's saying about erm... 'people being materialistic for wanting to marry a rich husband' or 'people dying to have a son till they went to fortune teller to ask but still get a daughter and you're there laughing'. Yeah, this is what i meant, FF is very good at it.

You see, she had talked craps about many others to me before. But i never go around telling those people about it becos i don't see the need to gain sympathy and friends this way.

But, she's not the only one lah. There are many of the same "patterns" in this world.

I've this one "friend", she is was always complaining to me about others. Saying this girl always never bring money out, ask her pay and she buay tahan. Saying another girl this this this and that that that. But the next moment i see her asking them out on FB & chat like best friends! =.=

So i decided not to contact her anymore (since last year). And i bet she told others craps about me too. I don't care lah, she's outta my life anyway. Nope, didn't make enemy so we will still say hi-bye when we happen to meet but i will never go out with her or get close to her again.

Sorry, but i don't know how to be that fake.

#TheSecret : Keep all the negative (fake) people out of my life!!!


  1. Dear Joanne,
    My day is ruined. My bf and I just signed a lease for a new place. We wanted to move out bcoz of the expensive rent at our current place and have our own privacy. So I was given the duty to look for house and end up when I went to sign the lease, the agent add this and that it bcome more than wat we have to pay now and the worse part is my bf is very angry and unhappy about it. We have no where to move to at the moment, most of the agents are like crap. On the way back from the area, he keep scolding me non stop and we left less than a week to move so we have to accept it. Sian. He is going to nag and scold me very often from now onwards.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Good luck in your house hunting search~! :)


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