Thursday, June 7, 2012

I love T3!!!

Spent half a day on the road yesterday, then sent Raeann to the husband (brought Raeann to office) and short while later, the husband called and said he's bringing Raeann to T3 with his friend to pick up another friend.

I want to go T3 to buy my favorite lashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (God knows why i can only find it in T3's Watsons.) Can't ask ZY to help me buy mah, like so funny and i'm sure he gonna buy the wrong one. So expensive ok ($9.90 per pair lor), cannot afford to buy wrong one. So i tagged along to T3, heehee. They picked me up around 4+pm to avoid traffic jam. Thanks mum for driving my car back and picking meimei up!

Seriously, i love T3 alot and i'm sure all kids will love it too, cos they have lotsa fun for kids. Besides all those "fixed leisure" (indoor playground, slide & etc), they always come up with other activities from time to time. This time round is Safari...

Spent min $20 to redeem.

Spend $40 (i think) to play this "jackpot" & win prizes. We won a travel adapter!

Passed by Times bookshop and i saw a book which is really interesting but it costed $36.38. I don't know why, spent $36.38 on cosmetics, i'm okay. But books? 我不舍得买! Maybe becos i don't have any liking for books since young. Whenever i read, i fall asleep, lol. Wonder how did i pass my PSLE and O levels, hahahaha!!!

I scored 212 for my PSLE. During my time, this is consider not bad liao and i was allocated to the top class (Sec 1) in Secondary school. But dropped to the last second class in Sec 3 becos i never study, never do homework and keep playing, sigh. But hor, i got 5 credits; 21 points for my O levels leh. I expected myself to fail actually and thus, i was super happy with my results, so was my mum. And during that time, i was able to enter MANY courses with this result in Poly; Business, Accountancy, Engineering, etc etc. I choose not to eventually and took up CAT with FTMS becos i think 3 years is too long and why should i waste 3 years to study when i can do it in a private school for 1-2 years. And i want to work asap, to earn money. Now i regretted, i shouldn't step into working society so young.

Anyway, what i'm trying to say is, i don't know how i managed to pass all my exams, given the fact that i really really really hate books. (Nope, i did not copy hor!) I guess it's luck and brain ba! Some people never really have to study alot but able to do well while some really need to study day and night in order to do well. I'm not smart but i'm not stupid either.

Bought this keychain for my mum.

Little Book of Quotations

I super love this!!!

"To become a mother is not hard, to be a mother is."

I guess many people mixed up the meaning of these two, which is why everywhere i go, there bounds to be people asking me to try for number 3; a boy. I don't understand why are they so concern about us not having a son. ZY is fine with it and i super love daughters, so what's their problem actually?

Two are already MORE than enough for me to handle, i'm a human, not robot. Just like the above quote, "to give birth is not hard (to me, it's hard cos i hate pregnancy), but to educate, discipline & take care of kids is hard."

I don't wish my kids to turn into spoilt brats.

You know what's my proudest moment? It's when people tell me that my kids are good and well behaved, even when i'm not around. Raeann's not considered good, but she isn't considered bad either.

At least she don't cry or roll on the floor when i say NO to the things she requested. She will tell me, "我只是看而已" and look at it for awhile and leave with me. And what i love her the most is, she sits still and finish up all her food everytime. I told her since young, that she cannot walk/run around when eating. No screaming and shouting. No running about anywhere she likes when people bring her out, must stick to the adults. No carrying becos she's not a baby anymore. (Actually, she did not ask me to carry since she was 2+ years old becos she knows i was suffering from backpain then. Even when she was so tired and sleepy, she walked on the own. There was once i caught her sleeping while walking; i was holding her hand, her eyes was closed, lol!) All these basic behaviors, she did, i'm happy.

Come to think of it, Raeann is actually a very independent and sensible kid. I'm really really grateful to have sucha daughter! :)


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