Monday, June 18, 2012

I miss my mommy!

My mum will be coming back today, alone, finally!!!

Last weekend was hell. Becos meimei was not feeling well, having fever due to teething and she was extremely whiny and cranky.

It's the first time i see her lidat! In the past, even when she was sick (she seldom fall sick anyway, this is the 2nd time i think), she was still very active. But this time round, she was so restless, and she can't sleep well, woke up every 5 minutes. I know she was feeling terrible inside and yet, i can't suffer for her, how i wish i'm the one sick instead!

Bo sent me this pic when we left her at home to attend MIL's birthday dinner. What a sad face! I didn't bring her along becos she was sick, low immune system and i don't wish her to get other virus outside. And in fact, i didn't want to go also, i want to stay at home to look after her. But the husband wasn't understanding enough, so i had no choice.

Thank god she was better the next day and regained her normal self; the smiley + super active mode. At times like this, i'm really thankful for my family. If rely on the husband, i think i will die, or maybe committed suicide. Besides NOT helping a single bit, he still got the cheek to say nonsenses.

I dare to say my tolerance level towards him is already super high. He knew that i was already pissed and yet he continued to say more nonsenses. Ok fine, be prepared to get my ignorance. I'm good at ignoring people and i can ignore him for as long as i want.

But the problem with him is, he always expect me to be ok the moment he gives in. It's like, example; this moment he gave me a slap and the next moment when he said sorry, i MUST forgive. He can wait, he should know that his wife is a very stubborn person.

He tried to give in after that & this morning but i ignored him totally. I'm really super pissed.

He said 我没有他会死 (without him, i will die), oh yeah? We shall see.

Without him, my life will be 100x better than now, I AM SURE.

And can someone just let him know this?

It's the father duty to support the family. Stop thinking that he need not help a single thing becos he paid for the kids. Stop thinking that looking after the kids is my sole responsibility. I ALSO HAVE TO WORK becos he didn't give me a single cent, so he's not the only one working & feeling tired. Stop being so selfish and only think for himself, himself and only himself. And last but not least, STOP TALKING NONSENSES. Period!


  1. Always protect yourself my dear... Life is hard I know but be positive.. Remember to keep ur finances and his seperate.. U never know what he will do to u one day and he cannot be trusted and be depended on...

  2. Oh my, it must be tough on you. I'm super scared and stressed when my kids fall sick. They spread among themselves and end up I also get it from them. At night cannot sleep at all and still have to drag myself to work then rush home. Take care Joanne. 加油!ur mum will be back soon.

  3. Hey Desiree,

    Yes yes, STAY POSITIVE!! I WILL!! Thank u!! :)

  4. Hi Doris,

    Hanor, but my mum is already back! YIPPIE!! Heehee Meimei has also recovered and back to her smiley self. My happy nut! I see her smile, all my unhappiness vanish!!


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