Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ice Cream Workshop

Date : 24th June 2012
Venue : Times Centre

PY bought the coupons for the kids long time ago but i don't have the time to go becos my parents kept going to & fro Hatyai and there's no one to look after ah mei for me. But becos the coupons are expiring soon, we had to go, by hook or by crook otherwise it will be wasted. So the last available date was on the 24th, a day after my birthday.

Dragged myself to drive there becos i was very tired, headache & my whole body was aching due to carrying meimei for hours under the hot sun the day before. And i don't know where the hell is Times Centre. Used GPS but it brought me merry go round, the long way, as usual.

I met PY there becos she was already in town, she wanted to come Jurong to pick me (that's what we planned earlier) but i said no need. Crazy right? Town - Jurong - Town again! I never like to trouble others. If it's on the way, okay.

Times Centre, a super ulu industrial building located near Paya Lebar. Sian lor, we thought can go for coffee or shopping while waiting for them. But there's nothing nearby, except other buildings. So we waited there, while the kids went into the room to make ice cream.

I thought it was just a normal ice cream making class, like any other baking classes. But no, they are gonna make the ice cream without refrigerator!!! Using ice to shake shake shake, and it become ice cream. Amazing! They're learning abit of science too!

Shaking Time

Short while later, their ice cream was done and parents were invited to go in to taste & take pictures. Kaoz, it really become ice cream sia. I asked Raeann to teach me how to do. The ice cream is not sweet, made purely from milk, i think. Good for the kids.

Got cert somemore, lol!

PY said the workshop is only $9.90 per kid. So cheap! Parents around, if you happened to see this deal online, you can bring your kid there, for experience and learning. Now, we're trying to search for more classes for the two kiddos. Best is those that take up few hours, lol. So we can go shopping while waiting for them!

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