Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In DND mode!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I will not be blogging so often now becos i'm piled with alot alot of work. It's crazy i tell you, i've like 20 books of vouchers to do. Gosh!

[Sunday; 10th June 2012]

Brought these two terrors to do marketing with the parents!

Thankful that they've got my 'fair' gene. And whenever they play or weather too hot, both their cheeks will become rosy red, like they have some blusher on lidat! Becos of this, many people asked what did i feed them with. LOLOL! It's gene lah!!! I where got so genius! I give them almost everything that's edible lor. Oh, except beef, due to religious belief. Me and ZY don't take beef too! (I've had beef before but i don't like it.)

Okay, since she likes to mess with the basket so much...

Kept her inside for 15 mins, she tried her ways and means to climb out from it but unable to. But, she never make any noise or call for help.

See! Can smile somemore!

The daddy brought Raeann out for a movie, which she requested. I don't wanna go becos my arms are breaking from carrying meimei at the market for hours. 

Sigh, the father and the daughter really cannot go out together. Cos they will come back with big & small bags. This time round, they came back with two very big boxes of toys!!!

This is the reason why i hate buying toys.

7/10 of this room are the kids' toys and stuffs. It's stacking higher and higher now. You see, this is NOT our own house, it's my parent's. And there are other people in the house, they have their own amount of stuffs too. Which is why i said the house has no more space. People always say, "but your house is big what". Yeah, big, but alot of people also mah.

This is meimei's, chosen by her jiejie!

And this is jiejie's. What's wrong with her face?!?!

OMG, my parents are leaving for HDY now, again!!! It's a super last minute decision. Booked only yesterday noon, leaving today! :( And they bought only one way ticket!! No idea when will they return. My god, my god. Say hello to horror weekend, again. There goes my Friday plan...

Okay, gonna get cracking with my work now. I'll be back, soon!



  1. meimei is always smiling one leh! very very cute!!!

  2. Haha, yes, she's always smiling. Happy baby!!! :)))

  3. Hi pretty mummy.

    Ya your meimei is always smiling. U must be a happy mummy when having her in your womb. hahaha. Hmmm is your meimei consider born in dragon year?

  4. Yeap, much more cheerful when i was expecting her. She's born in the year of rabbit! :)


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