Thursday, June 7, 2012

My New Passport

After weeks of delay, i've finally collected my new passport yesterday noon. Becos i need to bring accounts to my auditor at Upper Circular Road so it's on the way...

Friends said the pic looks nice but i'm still not satisfied. However, it's the most 'ok' one liao, i went to various studios to take lor, hahah! I know some people (especially males) are really bo chup about IC/passport pictures cos when i asked ZY & my bro, they said i'm so 'bo liao' (eat too full), lolol.

First of all, i'm vain, remember? Secondly, is becos i've a super ugly IC picture and thus resulting me very afraid to show my IC all the time. So yeah, learnt my lesson, i MUST have pretty photo for my IC and passport.

But it's really not easy to take a nice IC/passport photo due to the angle and rules. The first few pictures i took hor, the person said must show forehead and ears (which is not necessary). And the pictures turned out really kuku!!! I tried self-taking many times but failed many times as well; either body/head slanted or hair very messy or look like shit. LOL

Oh, my passport number is quite nice and easy to remember leh!!! :)

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