Monday, June 11, 2012

San Laska Steamboat + 记得吃

Date : 8th June 2012

Whatsapped Cheryl last Tue, asking if she's free on Friday evening. And her reply was, "wah, u finally free, i not free also must be free". Haha! She asked me out alot of times, but i've no time to meet her. She's one friend whom i will keep for life too! :)

So she brought me to the laksa steamboat at Telok Blangah last Friday. I've heard alot about it, and always wanted to try it but no chance cos i don't know where issit...

We chosen 鸳鸯 but only eat from the laksa, the chicken soup like quite redundant (it's quite nice actually)!

Food we ordered!!!

We both think that the food is good and fresh! 4/5 thumbs up!

I don't know how much is the total bill cos Cheryl refused to let me know and pay for it. She said it's my birthday treat as she don't know when we will meet me again (and she said ZY always treat her too), lol.

Woah, don't see Cheryl so skinny, she can really eat ALOT! I wonder where all her food goes to cos she can gets hungry like every 2 hours. So envy people who eat alot but never get fat!!! And that mad woman can tell me that she wants to go for liposuction! =,= I was like, "suck si mi lan?". LOLOL

After eating for about 2 hours +, we proceeded to Vivo cos she wanna shopping! I ended up spending only $8 on myself for a bangle at F21 (so fucking cheap sia) and $40 at Fox Baby (or Baby Fox?) on one dress and one top for meimei! Shopped around for 1 hour + only cos most shops closed liao.

Then guess what? Cheryl complained hungry again and asked if i wanted any dessert!!! OMG, i was still fucking full lor. But we went for dessert anyway... Becos i wanted to treat her back! You see, 有来有去 is my policy. I never like to take advantage of others. You treat me once, i will definitely treat you back.

She's really hard working leh. She said she always drive here for her favourite dessert! Here, 记得吃, i'm sure many of you ate it before, JP also has one outlet! Here's what we ordered...

Everytime when i go out with her, we will eat, drink, eat, drink, eat and drink. LOL! But she can afford to do so, cos she's mad thin, i cannot lor!

Ended our night after the desserts cos she packed a share for her boyf and i also need to wake up early the next day to bring Raeann to her art class.

Till we meet again.

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