Monday, June 11, 2012

The Secret

XX and QQ have been talking about and introducing people to one book called "The Secret". It's a book talking about the 'Law of Attraction'. Remember that day i mentioned i saw a book at T3's Times bookshop? That book is called "The Power", it's the sister/brother of "The Secret" i assumed.

I saw it in Popular bookstore, also selling at $36.38. But my mum's a member so i get 20% off.

Actually, after reading first few pages of "The Secret", i feel that "The Power" is a better book. Maybe i'll get that too, soon.

Well, i read not becos i love reading. But becos i wanna be a better person. You should too! :)


  1. I am reading The Magic! Was about to buy The Secret. Lucky I haven't. Lets exchange after we finish! =D

  2. Okok!! I'm gonna get "The Power" too!!


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