Monday, June 25, 2012

Simple :: Blessed 28th Birthday

Round 1 :: Dim Sum Lunch @ Swatow Restaurant; 22nd June.

The husband brought us there, without meimei, becos Raeann followed me to the office and i need to run errands in the noon, the husband accompanied me around! :)

Round 2 :: Angry Birds Cable Car Ride @ Mount Faber; 23rd June.

Saw this deal online at $30++ per pax inclusive of 1) to & fro Angry Birds cable car ride, 2) ala carte buffet lunch & 3) souvniers (Angry Birds mask & mug), i bought it immediately cos i knew Raeann will love it! Then i decided to bring them there on my birthday, and since it's my birthday, i asked the husband to pay for it, lol.

P/S : This year, he is much much much nicer than last few years. Maybe becos he made me angry before that? Or maybe he learnt how to appreciate me? I don't know. But he's so nice this year, i ish a happy wife.

Angry Birds Paradise

So cute hor?

There's a big plush toy inside each Angry Birds cabin, tied to the seat!

Okay, meimei is NOT scare at all. As daring as her sister and mum, i think.

Next up, we had lunch at Taste of Asia. Gosh, their portions are HUGE and we can order as many as we want becos it's a buffet. We ordered 4 main courses, eat until want to vomit. And the food is not bad, not super nice but okay, average.

The small tow kay!

This pic very funny, look at the "Wanted" ah mei!!! (Not i take one.)

We decided not to walk around and go back straight after lunch cos 1) meimei was very sleepy and 2) the weather was sooooooo fucking ta ma de hot, all of us cannot take it. Luckily never become chao ta!!! I don't have the habit of applying sun block or whatever shit on my body & hair.

Becos of the weather, the cabin was EXTREMELY stuffy, it felt like an oven!!!

The free mugs with mocktail, one leaked and we threw it away.

Bought these for the kiddos!

Honestly, i think the deal is quite worth for it's price but IF the sun is not so power, it will be more fun! However, my kids enjoyed, that's the most important.

Round 3 :: Dinner with thy family, XS & her hb @ 春盛园, arranged & treated by the husband.

ZY never failed to order way too much food, not expensive though.

Ended the day with some late night shopping!

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Here, i'd like to thank the husband for everything; the cable car ride, dinner treat & $$. Thanks mummy for the fat angbao. Thanks Zing, Peiyan & Peiwen for the unexpected sweet pressies. Thanks Raeann for the $15 angbao which she asked me to take it to buy my favourite Prada bag, lolol. I think she meant paper one. HAHAHA!

Oh, XS gave me an angbao but i gave her back the money. Aiya, friends still must give angbao meh? (I mean, i will only accept angbaos from elders!) Hahaha! I didn't think it was my birthday celebration anyway, just a normal get together dinner. Thanks to those who were present at the dinner. No cake, i don't need and don't like it. Can't remember when was the last time i cutted a cake too.

A big hug to each and everyone who sent me wishes thru FB, twitter, whatsapp, SMS or wherever, appreciate it very much.

I feel so blessed this year! :)

P/S : Shit man, i forgot to make a wish, haha! I've plenty of wishes leh, i don't know which one to make. Think i should make a wishlist...


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