Monday, June 4, 2012

A very busy Saturday; 1st June 2012

My day started at 6:50am when Raeann woke me up and asked me to bring her to her art class, her class started only at 11am. =.=

She was really very excited when i told her i've signed her up for an art class. She loves drawing and further more, she will be attending it with her best friend, Alexis. (I jio-ed PY and she agreed immediately.) It's not expensive, $60 for 12 (1 & half hour) lessons and it's very near our house (PY stays very near me!). So yeah, why not? What matter most is, she is happy & willing. So last Saturday was her first lesson and she was super enthu till she woke up at 6+am, wanting to prepare!!!

And i've to wake up too. Fed & bathed both of them early in the morning, bathed myself and put meimei to nap, then brought Raeann to her lesson. I heard that meimei slept for quite long till 12+pm, the time when we were about to reach home. Hope she can be this cooperative every Saturday.

Went to buy all the art materials for Raeann (cos nobody informed us that they need to bring their own materials & thus, we did not prepare for them) during the one & half hour, packed some food home as well.

The $100 is very well spent i can say, just to see the excitement, laughter & joy from Raeann.

Back home, asked Raeann to nap while i prepare becos we need to go for our 2nd event at 3pm; Lele's birthday party at some indoor playground. I didn't wanted to go initially, i told ZY to bring Raeann and i will stay at home with meimei cos i was really tired and meimei don't know how to play also. But he forced me to go, so we went lor!

All the kiddos!

Birthday Boy, Shinler!

Then u see this meimei also want to chup ji kah. She's 8 months old, while the rest are 4-7 years old, i think.

They said she don't look like 8 months old anyway.

Heh, she's looking at the helium balloons. Oh, the sisters were wearing the same clothes btw, SPAIN. I strongly think that their daddy wanna turn them into boys. Sigh

Waited for 7pm to send the kids to my mum and off we went to the 3rd event; Pasir Ris chalet for ZY's friend's daughter's birthday. Again, ZY wanted me to go, so i've to go, show face.

And 2nd June 2012 is the day i found out that entering Downtown East chalet need to pay $1 per pax, and they will chop an invisible stamp on our hand. Like wtf? Disco si bo? Sorry ah, i've been cooping myself in the west for too long. And nowadays, all my friends booked hotels and not chalets so i've no reason to be there.

Well, many said i should count my blessing becos my husband wants to bring me everywhere he goes. Okay, i've to admit, he always wanted me to join, but it's me who didn't like to tag along. I never like to leech on my husband leh, i will find it very irritating if he leeches on me too. LOLOL! But this is wrong, totally wrong, my mum said. She asked me to follow him everywhere he goes so he can't do any hanky panky. HAHAHA!

Aiya, i never even call or msg to check on him lor. It's not trust, but i just don't feel like doing it, bo chup. There's this sentence - "The lesser you care, the happier you are". Yes lor, 100% agreed.

A very random pic of meimei in dress to end this post; taken last Friday - 1st June 2012 at NYNY JP. My aunt asked me to start training meimei to be more girly by wearing dress for her often. Aiya, last time i always wear dresses and tie hair for Raeann, she also become a tom boy now! :(

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