Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blog locked!

Officially locked my blog at 10pm on 23rd July 2012. Guess that would end my journey in the blogosphere. Yes, i'll still be blogging, but not to public.

Pretty amazed by the amount of msgs, emails & etc i received, asking me to invite them in, seems like many people misses me and my blog alot, lol.

But well, guess i'm too old for cyber wars, kinda sick of all these nonsenses.

Ok, i gotta go, helping someone to sell away her pampers. It feels so good to help!!! :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Time to stay low profile...

Guess my title says it all.

Sorry for locking my blog so abruptly. I unlocked it now becos i'm here to explain why am i locking it. Becos these 2 days, i received many msgs on FB, email, Whatsapp, everywhere, asking why did i lock it and if i'm able to invite readers in. I repeated the same answers so many times till i'm very pek chek. I didn't even reply some, sorry for that.

I really wonder, am i really that interesting? Or people wish to know more about my life just becos they wanna gossip/mock at me?

Saying things like i'm a bad mum becos i throw my kids to my mum to go out and PLAY? Or when i quarrel with my husband, they felt so happy, like can't wait to see my marriage fail?

I know i can't stop people's mouth from spouting nonsenses. And i really don't care how others think/say/look at me.

But i've ZERO tolerance towards people who deemed themselves as my friend doing so.

You knew what i am going through, yet you choose to spout nonsense, why?

Just becos i don't post about those tough time i'm going through (cos both kids are still not feeling well), it means i'm having good time & PLAYING everyday?

If you realised, i seldom post about unhappy stuffs nowadays, unlike the past past past. Cos i forbid myself to be unhappy & negative. I'm staying positive, looking at the brighter side of everything. If you're my friend, shouldn't you feel happy for me?

Anyway, i'm not at my tender age whereby i will cry or get upset over losing a friend. I've long past that stage. Neither will i be that childish to blow up every matters. I've no time for nonsenses now.

Which is why, i decided to lock this blog, i want to stay low profile, act secretive and mysterious. I can do so now cos i've rejected all the advertorials and events, no time for that.

When you don't give a single hint of what you're doing, nobody can say anything about you, be it good or bad. I should have heed my husband's advise and do this long time ago.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yet another Flying Falsie!!!

Okay, my sis just warned me of one very scary "friend".

She seemed to have problem with me going out cos she said "i keep saying my life is bad yet i still can go out and PLAY, i'm crazy".

Since when did i say my life is bad? I only mentioned that my life is not as good as what some people think but definitely not bad.

And, go out and PLAY?

Last night, i reached home at 11:15pm, ZY even asked why did i go home so early! I meet up with my friends at 7pm, have dinner and some drinks (cos it's friend's birthday), sent my friends home and got home at 11:15pm, WHAT ON EARTH DID I PLAY?

Moreover, the last time i went out with my friends before yesterday was more than 1 month ago. Compare to her, i am NOWHERE playing!

Pot calling kettle black huh? Get your facts right before commenting on my personal life.

Don't understand why some people just can't mind their own business? Keep poking into other's affair and talk craps.

Yes, simple, i'm gonna get her out of my life.

Monday can be happening too!!!

Date : 16th July 2012
Venue : Tradehub 21

We finally went out together after years!!! We = MQ, PY, XS and me! Yes, we used to be very close during sec sch days at different period of time.

Why i said so leh...

Becos ah, me, MQ and PY used to be very very close becos of our CCA; AVA. So there was a period of time, we always hanged out together. Go Asian Villiage, omg, this is legend. We were laughing over this last night.

And then, me and MQ worked part time together, so when we ended work too late, she will stay over at my place. My mum loved her!!!

As for PY, we always do stupid things together becos we were staying so near each other, 5-10 mins walking distance. Like travelling all the way to Bukit Gombak stadium to jog to TRAIN FOR OUR SPORTS DAY. Hahaha, this is so lame. I've clean forgotten about it until PY mentioned it last night.

Most stupid thing we did; we (as a whole, with XP, PW, XS and a few more) bought alot of drinks and snack and deliberately took bus 99 to turn a big round. HAHAHAHA

They (a few of them but i forgot who) love to come to my house after school to bake, cook, play DDR, watch TV, rot and etc.

But for don't know what stupid reasons, we drifted apart.

XS used to be very quiet, not as 38 as us before and she never join AVA. Lots of people knew us, but don't know her cos she was very low profile.

Then after O levels, me and XS got closer, we stayed in contact all the way till now. While she, MQ and PY and a group of them (they have a name, lol) are also very close. Nope, i'm not in their group cos erm, i'm not very close with the rest of them lah.

Yeap, that's about all. We are still the same, as 38 as before, lolol.

This coming 19th is PY's birthday, that's why we arranged for this dinner. PY said she wanna try the food at Kimly, so we went...

Located at Tradehub 21, that place is actually quite happening leh!!!

Top shell @ $22. They said it tasted like the $3.50 can type. I don't know cos i don't eat.

This is YUMMY. I love their salted egg yam strip.

Their food not bad lor, pricing quite reasonable too (except for that Top Shell). Bill came up to $100.60 for 5 dishes. My mum said it's not expensive. Plus hor, the place is very cooling even though not air-conditioned cos of their high ceiling and spacious area.

Aftermath, they decided to go for some drinks and XS said there's a KTV pub there, one and only one; O BAR.

Wow, you will be surprised by the crowds there. Hello, it's a Monday leh, but there were crowds. And we saw a few familiar faces there. OMG. We are the true west-siders, lol.

Then guess what? HAHAHAHAHA

Someone (a guy, i don't know who) asked the waitress to ask PY (cos i'm in the toilet) if i'm single or married cos he wanna know me, LOLOL.

When i came back, MQ said, "mai siao siao, got two kids liao still got market value". At first, i don't even know what were they talking about.

Hahaha, later people say i shallow again...

Read here!

Why am i shallow leh? It's VERY normal to feel happy cos you know you still have the market value. By feeling happy, it doesn't mean that i must agree to know them and open legs for them mah. Why is this person so sour grape?

And pls hor, if you don't have the looks and calibre, you think people will wanna know u? HAHAHA, think again.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday; Vivo City

Date : 15th July 2012

Baby girl slimmed down! :(

Get VERY well soon, darling.

On her new stroller, she seemed to like it more, than the other one.

She is STILL not feeling well. No more vomiting & diarrhoea but jiejie spreaded cough & running nose to her now. Plus, teething again. Poor baby! Sigh!!!

Spotted giants, lol.

Nope, that bitch didn't managed to ruin my Sunday. Though yes, was very pissed, but i eat and eat and eat to vent all my frustration. It always work, somehow. Food is my number 1 best friend.

Had a full meal at Kim Gary, then found my liu sha bao at Crystal Jade and some HK desserts to end it, all within an hour. LOL

I don't dare to take my weight today, hahahahahaha!

I said it & i will do it!

Guess this is the only way to release my anger. That bitch choose the wrong day to provoke me, when i'm having my PMS & period cramp. I've NO LACK of credit cards, people have been calling and asking me to apply this and that. I will usually reject becos i find it a hassle to keep so many credit cards, din deh ah. And i will still stick to my own choice, I WILL NOT SIGN AT THE BACK OF ANY CARDS.

No one has ever find fault with me on that becos nobody is as stupid as her. She's lucky that i'm in a hurry till i forgot to ask for her name.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A stupid girl almost ruined my good Sunday!

Never been so pissed off with a stranger before. So pissed till I need to blog about it now, till I've decided to cut my Citi TANGS card into half and never step into that store again. All thanks to one of their staff who is handling cashier at M.A.C counter this afternoon.

I deliberately asked the husband to send me to Vivo cos I need to get something from M.A.C despite having to bring two kids along. Yes, that's how loyal I am towards M.A.C cosmetics.

There was a queue at the cashier, the hus and kids were waiting for me at one corner. So when it was (finally) my turn, I paid with my Citi TANGS card, as usual. It's only $30.

Then I signed, impatiently wanting to go off. And then, this little girl (cashier) insisted me to sign at the back of my credit card.

Yes, you must be thinking, she's not in the wrong what, but I was definitely offended, very.

First of all, I don't sign all my cards for years. Cos there was once, the ink stained on my new $1k+ wallet and it couldn't be removed. So from that time onwards, I never sign any cards at the back at all. And I explained it to her.

But she was there trying to make me embarrassed, insisted me to sign and throw me a marker to do so.

Hello, what is she trying to imply?

That I would use a stolen card to purchase a $30 stuff?

This is not the first time I was being asked to sign, but after I explained, I was always being 'let off'. Becos those people has eyes to see and judge.

IF I'm forging signature & I signed on the receipt & signed the same signature on the card, I can still sign it again and again. Moreover, she did not check if my signature is the same after I signed on the card.

And also, nobody would use a stolen card to purchase something so cheapo.

I bet she don't have a fucking brain to think.

Yes, she's just doing her job. BUT I don't see her fucking check those in front of me who were also using credit cards.

Fucking brainless bitch, am gonna cut this card now, just in case it stained my wallet again!


Go fucking learn how to be a good customer service staff lah! 规矩是死的, 人是活的, be more flexible please.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Polka Dotz Craze

Overwhelmed by lots of pretty stuffs lately, i ish a happy aunty! :)

Part of me would love to share ALL my awesome stuffs here, cos i'm not selfish. But another part of me is SCARE of that master of copycat. Err, no, she said she never read my blog anymore, so whatever she do/bought (after i blogged) that so happened to be the SAME as mine are pure coinciLANs. YES, I BELIEVE. Yes!

However, as i said, i'm not selfish, i will still share the pictures and if anyone's interested, please email me. (Cos with the email, i can trace if he/she is spy of copycat anot, hahaha!)

So yes, XS intro-ed me another place to pamper my nails at cheaper rates with prettier results! Home-based one, located at the west side of Singapore.


Sooooooo madly in love with my nails now!!! Love how colorful it is!!!

Guess how much i paid?? *breathe in, breathe out* $43! For soak off, classic manicure, gelish, nail arts, arylic ribbons + rhinestones. Classic mani + gelish = $40, nail arts are FOC, arylic ribbons + rhinestones = $3. Please tell me i'm not dreaming, i've never done my nails so cheap and pretty before. This set would easily cost up to at least $80 at any other places.

Currently crazy over polka dotz!

And my toes, classic pedicure + nail arts = $20!!! I know the arylic ribbon is abit redundant lah, it will be nicer without the big ribbon. Aiya, i very aunty lor, she said it's free so i wanna add. Add liao then regret, lolol.

Since she's home-based, don't expect fully furnished area with sink for soaking legs & etc. BUT, fret not, her service is much much better than some nail salons. Besides those basic procedures, she scrub & massage at no additional charges.

I really hate those hor, "quick dry, add $2", "scrub, add $10" and etc. Add add add, become $100+++++. And i'll be so sad when paying.

But there's something i need to point out. She is quite a perfectionist, like me & i like it. Which means, a little uneven/outline/whatever, she will clean and re-do it. So be prepared to sit there for hours if you want really pretty results. Mine took 4 hours, lol. Make appointment with her only on days when you are super duper free. LOL!

She's really nice, not 斤斤计较, patient & honest. She's from China btw. So yeap, not all PRCs are bad, there are still nice ones around.

I'm NOT and have NEVER been racist (country-cist in this term?) towards anyone. I is 对事, 不对人. So no matter which country you're from, as long as you never provoke me, i will not dislike you for no reasons.

P/S : I'm expecting similar designs on that master of copycat SOON. LOLOL!

P/P/S : Dear all, my FS ki siao liao, don't ask me questions there anymore. I can't see any questions at all. You can just leave a comment here and i'll reply to you asap.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

November Staycation - Confirmed!

Omg, I suddenly woke up at 5:30am and couldn't get back to sleep!! What's wrong with me? Since I can't sleep, I shall blog, using phone.

Oh yes yes, read my title!!! Haha

Why so sudden?

Last month, PY asked me to take leave on 8th & 9th Nov cos it's Alexis's birthday & she booked a room at Festive Hotel; RWS. So I told her okay, I'll go and arrange.

And then...


So I suggested booking another room for ourselves to the husband since he has been saying and saying how much he wished to book a room there on my birthday.

And yes! It's booked! But he booked it at Hard Rock Hotel instead cos the pool is so pretty!!! (Short walking distant to Festive anyway!) And the best part? ZY's friend booked it for us using his points for FOC. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! :) In fact, he wanted to book a room for me on my birthday but I rejected his offer cos Meimei is still too small lah. So thankful for all those awesome people in my life!!

Anyway, the husband is super excited! He was checking out all the hotels the whole of last night. He said he wanna upgrade to some presidential suite or what. I asked if he's gonna rot inside the hotel all day and night??? Haha

Omg, IT'S A TRAVELLING YEAR FOR ME!!! (Familiar anot? Lol!)


Feb, I went Hatyai.
June, I went Sentosa.
Nov, I'm travelling to Sentosa again!!! Need to pack luggage somemore!!


Okay lah, Meimei wakes up already, need to go prepare for work liao!

Good morning, world!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

$25 Gucci Shade

I know, i know, my title sounds so cheapskate and first thing that comes to your mind is "must be fake", right?

Well, it's authentic, i'm just lucky, people following me on Twitter and Instagram will know why.

Yes, i paid $25 for an authentic Gucci shade, U.P. $300+? Hee! The only downside is, i waited for almost a month to receive it.

They sent it to me last night, ZY was the one who signed it for me cos he's washing his car. And then, he needed me to help him bring down something, so he called and said, "u help me bring that down and i've a present for u". =.=

So 不要脸! Hahaha!

After that, he said he wanna pay me the $25 and make it a present from him. SIAO! Of cos i rejected his 'offer', lol. Cos if i accept, he will say that he spent alot of money on me again.

So yes yes yes, here's the 'surprise', i'm gonna unveil it now!!!


Too bad there's only Gucci that day, otherwise, i'd have choose other brands, maybe Prada? :)

Just realised, i didn't camwhore for quite long liao. Oh please, i'm not mad, everyday take tons of pictures of myself and post it everywhere. Only people who are TOO free has the time to do all these, agree? Anyway, i'm #justsaying.

I don't know if you can see, the frame is actually leopard preens!!! Oh yes, this is my skin without edit or filter. Not as smooth as before, i'm sad! :(

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Please help!!!

Have been receiving lots of spam comments lately... And i really mean LOTS! At least 10 in a day!

Most of the comments are asking me to buy viagra!!!

Who the fuck are all these people? So free to keep leaving comments???? And do i look like i'm in need of viagra... yet?????

Okay, this aside, i need a little favour from you guys. Help me to choose food!!!

I'm gonna order some buffet for the kids' birthday but kinda headache over the food list.

1) Staple
  • Yang Chow Fried Rice
  • Fried Bee Hoon
  • Ee Fu Mian
2) Chicken
  • Roasted Chicken
  • Lemon Chicken
  • Chicken with Yam
  • Fried Chicken Chop in Thai Style
3) Vegetable
  • Luohan Vegetable
  • Baby Kailan with Mushroom
  • Hainanese Mixed Vegetable
  • Fried Cabbage with Tang Hoon
4) Desserts
  • Bo Bo Cha Cha
  • Honey Dew Sago
  • Yam Paste with Coconut Milk
  • White Nut with Barley
  • Almond Jelly with Longan

Leave me a comment on what's your favourite! Thank you in advance for your help! :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

I've 3 kids...

The husband was so jealous when he saw Raeann's Transformer casing and asked me why i didn't buy for him too!! =____=


So, he asked me to buy him this...


Yes, he's this kiddo one lor. He will fight with Raeann, snatch toys with her & etc. Then both of them will come and complain to me, asked me to scold the other party. Sigh!!!

Stomach flu is contagious...?

Okay, now i know.

It all started with Raeann when she first had diarrhoea on last Wednesday morning. Frankly speaking, i didn't think much about her diarrhoea at first. Cos she and ZY have the same kind of intestine - a straight one (i assumed) as they have super good digestive system. Diarrhoea to them is... common.

So she said she 来不及 and poo-ed all over the room. As in, her pantie & part of clothes tio, a little on the floor, a little on the blanket and a little on the mattress. She made me so busy cleaning shit, changing mattress cover and washing her clothes, pantie & blanket that morning.

Everything was fine until the next day at around 5pm, i felt so giddy & started vomiting non-stop. Vomited out my lunch, the cereal Bo made for me & even plain water. Whatever intake i took, i vomited all out. It was so terrible. I felt so strength-less, no energy to even walk. Can't eat too. All i want is to lie on the bed.

P/S : Didn't work on Thursday cos my aunt went for a surgery for her spine. I thought i can have a good day off, bring the kids to shopping or whatsoever. Never expect to tio this cb virus lor.

Called ZY to come back earlier to help out with the kids cos i've no more energy to do anything. Mum came back and ordered me to see a doctor cos i was super pale like a piece of white paper. ZY brought me there.

Doctor gave me an injection to stop the vomiting, but it didn't help with the giddy-ness. That jab made me even more drowsy, the moment i reached home, i K.O. immediately, until 12+pm the next day. LOL

Given this kind of situation, i can't look after the kids anymore. But nope, ZY is not the one looking after either, he slept, as many hours as i slept. Mum took over meimei (mei was still fine before that) for that night. Then...

YES, meimei also kena the same virus as us on that very night. But she's worst, she got diarrhoea and vomit at the same time. Sigh

So the next day when i woke up at 12+pm, i quickly brushed my teeth and brought meimei to see the same doctor. Was still feeling so lethargic and drowsy lor. Doctor was very shocked to see us, again, lol.

Sad to say, the medicines this doctor gave doesn't work on meimei at all. She was still having diarrhoea and vomiting. So ZY, mum and Bo brought her back to that clinic at night cos they asked us to, but end up, i heard they were quite rubbish and ZY was very frustrated.

Checked out the baby specialist we used to visit and asked them (mum and ZY) to bring meimei there. I didn't go cos i was still sick and feeling weak.

Alright, meimei is much better now. Not fully recovered, but at least, i see improvements. Raeann's fine already, the most okay one at home now, i think. I'm fine too, just that i can't eat much, will feel nausea if i do so.

But the husband claimed that he also tio-ed the virus now.

Well, before that, the husband has already been saying that he also want to be sick (cos doc said it's contagious), so he need not have to take over my job. And he has been saying and saying, like he can't wait to be sick lidat.

In fact, he did not take over my job leh. All he did was to sent us to the doctor, and then throw us at home and go out, came back only at night. And at night, he slept like any normal days what. But, he kept complaining very tedious and tired. Tedious and tired of what?!?

Okay, maybe he's a little unwell lah, but he made it to be SUPER KUA ZHANG lidat, want me to serve him, massage for him & etc. =.=

U know why i said so?

Becos he still can complain hungry and go tabao hokkien mee to eat. By right, he should have no appetite to eat anything on the first day, no?

But i don't wanna 拆穿他 lah, later he kpkb again.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I hate it...

When the hus is not firm enough in handling the kids!!!!!!

Raeann has her art lesson today. But i'm too drowsy to bring her there and i need to look after the sick meimei as well. (how lucky, we spread the virus among ourselves!) So, i asked the hus to bring her there.

And guess what happened?

Oh yes, she cried and the hus brought her back, didn't let her attend the class.


I brought her there for so many times, she never cry. Becos she knew that it's useless, even if she cry, i will still ask her to go for the lesson.

She also knew that ZY will give in to her when she cry and thus, she ALWAYS do so and she ALWAYS get her way.

I is sibei dulan.

I waited for her to come back with a cane. The moment she reached home, i started scolding and caning.

Becos she's lidat, ZY always give the excuse that she will be lidat when he does the job, so he don't have to do. Does that means that if i die, they don't have to go school anymore????


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Money makes the world go round!

SIGH, i just paid $1k deposit to the roof top repair man. *heart pain* Well, if i promised to pay, i will do so. I don't like/make empty promises.

But i just don't understand why is my dad becoming more and more and MORE stingy? He has the cash, but he refused to pay, a single cent. And most of the time i bring him for check ups, he will always say that he has no money and i've to sign my card. But actually, HE HAS LOTS OF MONEY!!! Keep so much money for what huh?

I'm not one who 看钱很重. I will at the most niam niam niam (like what i'm doing these few days), after that i will forget liao. Which is why, i cannot save much. :(

But it's okay, i believe i'll be super rich one day. I want to be super rich one day!!!

Like what #TheSecret state :

"To attract money, you must focus on wealth. It is impossible to bring more money into your life when you are noticing you do not have enough, because that means you are thinking thoughts that you do not have enough. Focus on not enough money, and you will create untold more circumstances of not having enough money. You must focus on the abundance of money to bring that to you."

I wonder if it applies to 4D? If so, I WANT TO STRIKE 4D TONIGHT!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sinful Supper

Result from two consecutive nights of supper = gained 1kg!!! :(

Actually, i've already lost ALL my pregnancy weight and go even slimmer liao; 47kgs. But now, gained 1kg back, SIGH.

No supper from now on, i don't eat supper often anyway.

Last night, the husband called and ask if i want any '126' cos he's having dinner with his friends there.

P/S : 126 is the famous dim sum at Geylang (if you don't know) and I SUPER LOVE IT! Dim sum is my all time favourite!!! =D

So i said, "ok lor, buy little bit, LITTLE BIT can liao". I still emphasize my "LITTLE BIT" becos i know his pattern and everyone already had dinner.

He came back at 10+pm with these...

I guess he heard wrongly cos he didn't buy little bit, but he bought a little bit of everything instead!!! That's why we always say, "with him around, we can never slim down".

This is his way of expressing his "love" for me, lol.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Eat Snake Monday

Wooohooo! I ate 2 hours+ of snake and brought Raeann to town just now! Becos i need to collect watch for my dad at Rolex. So yes, went Lucky Plaza for my favourite Yong Tau Foo and then to Paragon for some shopping as i need to get a birthday present for PY, cos she bought something for me too. Although she didn't expect any returns, but i must return, my policy.

We're 26 days apart, so our IC numbers are super near too. Mine is 1134, hers is 1158, the rest are same.

In fact, i've already done my research last week, on which boutiques/shops i wanna go and what things i wanna buy. Becos my time is precious, i've no time for window shopping. Which is why i asked all my friends not to buy anything for me becos i've no time to go shopping for them.

I've chosen a few items at different boutiques/shops, cos i seriously didn't know what she likes so i bought ALL!!! LOL! Bought something for a few other (birthday nearing) friends too!

I really salute myself leh. I can do so many things in such a short time, can bring Raeann to the playground at top level for about 15 - 20 minutes somemore.

Miss those days when i can do shopping with friends for hours, even when i'm not buying anything. I just love to walk, i can walk for a few hours without feeling tired, in the past. Now old liao, bones brittle liao, impossible to do it again.

Euro Cup is finally over!!!

Nothing much over the weekend, except that my dad dropped me a bomb, saying the roof top repair cost $3.5k!!!

Okay, i ownself mouth itchy said i will pay for it LAST YEAR, when i was richer. Plus, i didn't expect it to be so expensive, i thought it will be only $1k+. So i was damn shocked, and stressed.

And then, i just paid my car insurance, $1,197.98.

And then, the kids birthday stuffs which will amount up to about $2k.


But something to be grateful about is, the hus understands me, this time round. He knew i was damn down...

So he brought me out for supper last night!!!

Actually, he's the one feeling hungry lah. But he can choose not to bring me out, suggest a take-away or delivery (like he always did). But well, he said he wanna bring me there, sit down and enjoy without the kids. Both of them are already in their lalaland.

Can't remember when was the last time we went out at night, just the two of us! I think it was BEFORE Raeann was born. Means, 5 years ago.

Raeann asked me to buy this iPhone casing for her!

This is funny!


I want a wardrobe like that!!!!!!!!

My Raeann said she loves Spain, even before the final this morning, becos she has a Spain jersey with her name printed on it. Haha! I still love Germany! Very loyal one, no changes, even when they lost. Did i mention before that ZY went to buy jerseys for all of us? He bought me the latest Real Madrid jersey, youth size M, and Raeann, youth size S. I was so in doubt at first becos i think he don't know my size, he is not those attentive type. But the jersey fits me SO WELL!!!

Okay, i'm still youth cos i'm wearing youth size. So yeah, Happy Youth Day to me! LOL