Wednesday, July 11, 2012

$25 Gucci Shade

I know, i know, my title sounds so cheapskate and first thing that comes to your mind is "must be fake", right?

Well, it's authentic, i'm just lucky, people following me on Twitter and Instagram will know why.

Yes, i paid $25 for an authentic Gucci shade, U.P. $300+? Hee! The only downside is, i waited for almost a month to receive it.

They sent it to me last night, ZY was the one who signed it for me cos he's washing his car. And then, he needed me to help him bring down something, so he called and said, "u help me bring that down and i've a present for u". =.=

So 不要脸! Hahaha!

After that, he said he wanna pay me the $25 and make it a present from him. SIAO! Of cos i rejected his 'offer', lol. Cos if i accept, he will say that he spent alot of money on me again.

So yes yes yes, here's the 'surprise', i'm gonna unveil it now!!!


Too bad there's only Gucci that day, otherwise, i'd have choose other brands, maybe Prada? :)

Just realised, i didn't camwhore for quite long liao. Oh please, i'm not mad, everyday take tons of pictures of myself and post it everywhere. Only people who are TOO free has the time to do all these, agree? Anyway, i'm #justsaying.

I don't know if you can see, the frame is actually leopard preens!!! Oh yes, this is my skin without edit or filter. Not as smooth as before, i'm sad! :(


Thank you for reading my humble blog, will reply to you shortly.