Monday, July 2, 2012

Eat Snake Monday

Wooohooo! I ate 2 hours+ of snake and brought Raeann to town just now! Becos i need to collect watch for my dad at Rolex. So yes, went Lucky Plaza for my favourite Yong Tau Foo and then to Paragon for some shopping as i need to get a birthday present for PY, cos she bought something for me too. Although she didn't expect any returns, but i must return, my policy.

We're 26 days apart, so our IC numbers are super near too. Mine is 1134, hers is 1158, the rest are same.

In fact, i've already done my research last week, on which boutiques/shops i wanna go and what things i wanna buy. Becos my time is precious, i've no time for window shopping. Which is why i asked all my friends not to buy anything for me becos i've no time to go shopping for them.

I've chosen a few items at different boutiques/shops, cos i seriously didn't know what she likes so i bought ALL!!! LOL! Bought something for a few other (birthday nearing) friends too!

I really salute myself leh. I can do so many things in such a short time, can bring Raeann to the playground at top level for about 15 - 20 minutes somemore.

Miss those days when i can do shopping with friends for hours, even when i'm not buying anything. I just love to walk, i can walk for a few hours without feeling tired, in the past. Now old liao, bones brittle liao, impossible to do it again.

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