Monday, July 2, 2012

Euro Cup is finally over!!!

Nothing much over the weekend, except that my dad dropped me a bomb, saying the roof top repair cost $3.5k!!!

Okay, i ownself mouth itchy said i will pay for it LAST YEAR, when i was richer. Plus, i didn't expect it to be so expensive, i thought it will be only $1k+. So i was damn shocked, and stressed.

And then, i just paid my car insurance, $1,197.98.

And then, the kids birthday stuffs which will amount up to about $2k.


But something to be grateful about is, the hus understands me, this time round. He knew i was damn down...

So he brought me out for supper last night!!!

Actually, he's the one feeling hungry lah. But he can choose not to bring me out, suggest a take-away or delivery (like he always did). But well, he said he wanna bring me there, sit down and enjoy without the kids. Both of them are already in their lalaland.

Can't remember when was the last time we went out at night, just the two of us! I think it was BEFORE Raeann was born. Means, 5 years ago.

Raeann asked me to buy this iPhone casing for her!

This is funny!


I want a wardrobe like that!!!!!!!!

My Raeann said she loves Spain, even before the final this morning, becos she has a Spain jersey with her name printed on it. Haha! I still love Germany! Very loyal one, no changes, even when they lost. Did i mention before that ZY went to buy jerseys for all of us? He bought me the latest Real Madrid jersey, youth size M, and Raeann, youth size S. I was so in doubt at first becos i think he don't know my size, he is not those attentive type. But the jersey fits me SO WELL!!!

Okay, i'm still youth cos i'm wearing youth size. So yeah, Happy Youth Day to me! LOL

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