Saturday, July 7, 2012

I hate it...

When the hus is not firm enough in handling the kids!!!!!!

Raeann has her art lesson today. But i'm too drowsy to bring her there and i need to look after the sick meimei as well. (how lucky, we spread the virus among ourselves!) So, i asked the hus to bring her there.

And guess what happened?

Oh yes, she cried and the hus brought her back, didn't let her attend the class.


I brought her there for so many times, she never cry. Becos she knew that it's useless, even if she cry, i will still ask her to go for the lesson.

She also knew that ZY will give in to her when she cry and thus, she ALWAYS do so and she ALWAYS get her way.

I is sibei dulan.

I waited for her to come back with a cane. The moment she reached home, i started scolding and caning.

Becos she's lidat, ZY always give the excuse that she will be lidat when he does the job, so he don't have to do. Does that means that if i die, they don't have to go school anymore????



  1. Luckily you are very firm when it comes to disciplining your children! Thumbs up!


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