Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monday can be happening too!!!

Date : 16th July 2012
Venue : Tradehub 21

We finally went out together after years!!! We = MQ, PY, XS and me! Yes, we used to be very close during sec sch days at different period of time.

Why i said so leh...

Becos ah, me, MQ and PY used to be very very close becos of our CCA; AVA. So there was a period of time, we always hanged out together. Go Asian Villiage, omg, this is legend. We were laughing over this last night.

And then, me and MQ worked part time together, so when we ended work too late, she will stay over at my place. My mum loved her!!!

As for PY, we always do stupid things together becos we were staying so near each other, 5-10 mins walking distance. Like travelling all the way to Bukit Gombak stadium to jog to TRAIN FOR OUR SPORTS DAY. Hahaha, this is so lame. I've clean forgotten about it until PY mentioned it last night.

Most stupid thing we did; we (as a whole, with XP, PW, XS and a few more) bought alot of drinks and snack and deliberately took bus 99 to turn a big round. HAHAHAHA

They (a few of them but i forgot who) love to come to my house after school to bake, cook, play DDR, watch TV, rot and etc.

But for don't know what stupid reasons, we drifted apart.

XS used to be very quiet, not as 38 as us before and she never join AVA. Lots of people knew us, but don't know her cos she was very low profile.

Then after O levels, me and XS got closer, we stayed in contact all the way till now. While she, MQ and PY and a group of them (they have a name, lol) are also very close. Nope, i'm not in their group cos erm, i'm not very close with the rest of them lah.

Yeap, that's about all. We are still the same, as 38 as before, lolol.

This coming 19th is PY's birthday, that's why we arranged for this dinner. PY said she wanna try the food at Kimly, so we went...

Located at Tradehub 21, that place is actually quite happening leh!!!

Top shell @ $22. They said it tasted like the $3.50 can type. I don't know cos i don't eat.

This is YUMMY. I love their salted egg yam strip.

Their food not bad lor, pricing quite reasonable too (except for that Top Shell). Bill came up to $100.60 for 5 dishes. My mum said it's not expensive. Plus hor, the place is very cooling even though not air-conditioned cos of their high ceiling and spacious area.

Aftermath, they decided to go for some drinks and XS said there's a KTV pub there, one and only one; O BAR.

Wow, you will be surprised by the crowds there. Hello, it's a Monday leh, but there were crowds. And we saw a few familiar faces there. OMG. We are the true west-siders, lol.

Then guess what? HAHAHAHAHA

Someone (a guy, i don't know who) asked the waitress to ask PY (cos i'm in the toilet) if i'm single or married cos he wanna know me, LOLOL.

When i came back, MQ said, "mai siao siao, got two kids liao still got market value". At first, i don't even know what were they talking about.

Hahaha, later people say i shallow again...

Read here!

Why am i shallow leh? It's VERY normal to feel happy cos you know you still have the market value. By feeling happy, it doesn't mean that i must agree to know them and open legs for them mah. Why is this person so sour grape?

And pls hor, if you don't have the looks and calibre, you think people will wanna know u? HAHAHA, think again.

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