Friday, July 13, 2012

Polka Dotz Craze

Overwhelmed by lots of pretty stuffs lately, i ish a happy aunty! :)

Part of me would love to share ALL my awesome stuffs here, cos i'm not selfish. But another part of me is SCARE of that master of copycat. Err, no, she said she never read my blog anymore, so whatever she do/bought (after i blogged) that so happened to be the SAME as mine are pure coinciLANs. YES, I BELIEVE. Yes!

However, as i said, i'm not selfish, i will still share the pictures and if anyone's interested, please email me. (Cos with the email, i can trace if he/she is spy of copycat anot, hahaha!)

So yes, XS intro-ed me another place to pamper my nails at cheaper rates with prettier results! Home-based one, located at the west side of Singapore.


Sooooooo madly in love with my nails now!!! Love how colorful it is!!!

Guess how much i paid?? *breathe in, breathe out* $43! For soak off, classic manicure, gelish, nail arts, arylic ribbons + rhinestones. Classic mani + gelish = $40, nail arts are FOC, arylic ribbons + rhinestones = $3. Please tell me i'm not dreaming, i've never done my nails so cheap and pretty before. This set would easily cost up to at least $80 at any other places.

Currently crazy over polka dotz!

And my toes, classic pedicure + nail arts = $20!!! I know the arylic ribbon is abit redundant lah, it will be nicer without the big ribbon. Aiya, i very aunty lor, she said it's free so i wanna add. Add liao then regret, lolol.

Since she's home-based, don't expect fully furnished area with sink for soaking legs & etc. BUT, fret not, her service is much much better than some nail salons. Besides those basic procedures, she scrub & massage at no additional charges.

I really hate those hor, "quick dry, add $2", "scrub, add $10" and etc. Add add add, become $100+++++. And i'll be so sad when paying.

But there's something i need to point out. She is quite a perfectionist, like me & i like it. Which means, a little uneven/outline/whatever, she will clean and re-do it. So be prepared to sit there for hours if you want really pretty results. Mine took 4 hours, lol. Make appointment with her only on days when you are super duper free. LOL!

She's really nice, not 斤斤计较, patient & honest. She's from China btw. So yeap, not all PRCs are bad, there are still nice ones around.

I'm NOT and have NEVER been racist (country-cist in this term?) towards anyone. I is 对事, 不对人. So no matter which country you're from, as long as you never provoke me, i will not dislike you for no reasons.

P/S : I'm expecting similar designs on that master of copycat SOON. LOLOL!

P/P/S : Dear all, my FS ki siao liao, don't ask me questions there anymore. I can't see any questions at all. You can just leave a comment here and i'll reply to you asap.


  1. Very nice ! And the price is very nice too!!! Can give me the contact thru Fb msg? Thanks! ;)

  2. babe! what's the address? let me know! :D

  3. Hi Jo, mind sharing with me the add?? i would like to go there for my wedding nails preparation since its at west side only!

  4. Hey !!!
    is freaking nice for ur finger lor...
    Care to intro me ma?
    Do email me if otw.

  5. Hello ladies,

    Don't mind hor, can you all either email me or fb msg me? Then i can just reply directly. Thanks!

  6. Can you email me the details of the manicurist? Thanks.


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