Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sinful Supper

Result from two consecutive nights of supper = gained 1kg!!! :(

Actually, i've already lost ALL my pregnancy weight and go even slimmer liao; 47kgs. But now, gained 1kg back, SIGH.

No supper from now on, i don't eat supper often anyway.

Last night, the husband called and ask if i want any '126' cos he's having dinner with his friends there.

P/S : 126 is the famous dim sum at Geylang (if you don't know) and I SUPER LOVE IT! Dim sum is my all time favourite!!! =D

So i said, "ok lor, buy little bit, LITTLE BIT can liao". I still emphasize my "LITTLE BIT" becos i know his pattern and everyone already had dinner.

He came back at 10+pm with these...

I guess he heard wrongly cos he didn't buy little bit, but he bought a little bit of everything instead!!! That's why we always say, "with him around, we can never slim down".

This is his way of expressing his "love" for me, lol.


  1. erm seem he niao on everything but not niao on food! hehehe

  2. Haha Sera, u r right! He is very generous on food and his car!!!

    In fact I think, he is only stingy towards me. I don't see him so 斤斤计较 with his friends leh.

  3. And hor, he loves to order/buy TOO MUCH. Then cannot finish, he will force everyone to eat. And we cannot say don't want, cos he will nag and nag. I think my sis understand it best, she's his eating partner. Lol


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