Monday, July 9, 2012

Stomach flu is contagious...?

Okay, now i know.

It all started with Raeann when she first had diarrhoea on last Wednesday morning. Frankly speaking, i didn't think much about her diarrhoea at first. Cos she and ZY have the same kind of intestine - a straight one (i assumed) as they have super good digestive system. Diarrhoea to them is... common.

So she said she 来不及 and poo-ed all over the room. As in, her pantie & part of clothes tio, a little on the floor, a little on the blanket and a little on the mattress. She made me so busy cleaning shit, changing mattress cover and washing her clothes, pantie & blanket that morning.

Everything was fine until the next day at around 5pm, i felt so giddy & started vomiting non-stop. Vomited out my lunch, the cereal Bo made for me & even plain water. Whatever intake i took, i vomited all out. It was so terrible. I felt so strength-less, no energy to even walk. Can't eat too. All i want is to lie on the bed.

P/S : Didn't work on Thursday cos my aunt went for a surgery for her spine. I thought i can have a good day off, bring the kids to shopping or whatsoever. Never expect to tio this cb virus lor.

Called ZY to come back earlier to help out with the kids cos i've no more energy to do anything. Mum came back and ordered me to see a doctor cos i was super pale like a piece of white paper. ZY brought me there.

Doctor gave me an injection to stop the vomiting, but it didn't help with the giddy-ness. That jab made me even more drowsy, the moment i reached home, i K.O. immediately, until 12+pm the next day. LOL

Given this kind of situation, i can't look after the kids anymore. But nope, ZY is not the one looking after either, he slept, as many hours as i slept. Mum took over meimei (mei was still fine before that) for that night. Then...

YES, meimei also kena the same virus as us on that very night. But she's worst, she got diarrhoea and vomit at the same time. Sigh

So the next day when i woke up at 12+pm, i quickly brushed my teeth and brought meimei to see the same doctor. Was still feeling so lethargic and drowsy lor. Doctor was very shocked to see us, again, lol.

Sad to say, the medicines this doctor gave doesn't work on meimei at all. She was still having diarrhoea and vomiting. So ZY, mum and Bo brought her back to that clinic at night cos they asked us to, but end up, i heard they were quite rubbish and ZY was very frustrated.

Checked out the baby specialist we used to visit and asked them (mum and ZY) to bring meimei there. I didn't go cos i was still sick and feeling weak.

Alright, meimei is much better now. Not fully recovered, but at least, i see improvements. Raeann's fine already, the most okay one at home now, i think. I'm fine too, just that i can't eat much, will feel nausea if i do so.

But the husband claimed that he also tio-ed the virus now.

Well, before that, the husband has already been saying that he also want to be sick (cos doc said it's contagious), so he need not have to take over my job. And he has been saying and saying, like he can't wait to be sick lidat.

In fact, he did not take over my job leh. All he did was to sent us to the doctor, and then throw us at home and go out, came back only at night. And at night, he slept like any normal days what. But, he kept complaining very tedious and tired. Tedious and tired of what?!?

Okay, maybe he's a little unwell lah, but he made it to be SUPER KUA ZHANG lidat, want me to serve him, massage for him & etc. =.=

U know why i said so?

Becos he still can complain hungry and go tabao hokkien mee to eat. By right, he should have no appetite to eat anything on the first day, no?

But i don't wanna 拆穿他 lah, later he kpkb again.


  1. Speedy recovery to u n Raechelle! My friend's baby also Kenna diarrhea for a week luckily he nvr vomit~~

  2. Thank u Shan shan! Eh, is this stupid virus in trend now??? I think my dad also tio leh.. LOL

  3. Your hb is so cartoon.. ahhaha..


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