Sunday, July 15, 2012

A stupid girl almost ruined my good Sunday!

Never been so pissed off with a stranger before. So pissed till I need to blog about it now, till I've decided to cut my Citi TANGS card into half and never step into that store again. All thanks to one of their staff who is handling cashier at M.A.C counter this afternoon.

I deliberately asked the husband to send me to Vivo cos I need to get something from M.A.C despite having to bring two kids along. Yes, that's how loyal I am towards M.A.C cosmetics.

There was a queue at the cashier, the hus and kids were waiting for me at one corner. So when it was (finally) my turn, I paid with my Citi TANGS card, as usual. It's only $30.

Then I signed, impatiently wanting to go off. And then, this little girl (cashier) insisted me to sign at the back of my credit card.

Yes, you must be thinking, she's not in the wrong what, but I was definitely offended, very.

First of all, I don't sign all my cards for years. Cos there was once, the ink stained on my new $1k+ wallet and it couldn't be removed. So from that time onwards, I never sign any cards at the back at all. And I explained it to her.

But she was there trying to make me embarrassed, insisted me to sign and throw me a marker to do so.

Hello, what is she trying to imply?

That I would use a stolen card to purchase a $30 stuff?

This is not the first time I was being asked to sign, but after I explained, I was always being 'let off'. Becos those people has eyes to see and judge.

IF I'm forging signature & I signed on the receipt & signed the same signature on the card, I can still sign it again and again. Moreover, she did not check if my signature is the same after I signed on the card.

And also, nobody would use a stolen card to purchase something so cheapo.

I bet she don't have a fucking brain to think.

Yes, she's just doing her job. BUT I don't see her fucking check those in front of me who were also using credit cards.

Fucking brainless bitch, am gonna cut this card now, just in case it stained my wallet again!


Go fucking learn how to be a good customer service staff lah! 规矩是死的, 人是活的, be more flexible please.


  1. Hi gal,

    I agreed w you. I dont have the habit to sign at the back of my card too. moreover, even when i go dept store to buy things, they usually dont tally our signature w the back of our card. Too them as long as the transcation is approved they totally bo chap.

    Even once, i went Chanel shop to buy bag cost over 3Kplus. They dont even check my signature.. moreover yours is only $30..

    That mac cashier is trying to 'xiao ti da zuo'. u shld complaine about the marker issue.

  2. Precisely. I don't see any wrong that I DON'T WISH TO SIGN IT. It's my card anyway. If it got mis-used, it's MY problem and NOT hers what.

    I wanted to blow up the matter by refusing to sign on it, but my family was waiting for me and both my kids are still not feeling well, which is why i impatiently wanting to go off.

    The more i think, the more angry i get.

  3. You should check out what her name is and post it!!! I hate idiots like this...

  4. I also feel unsafe to sign at the back of the card...furthermore the cashiers dun check normally..once u sign they just give u more worse like NTUC below certain amt use CC no need like how if we lost the card and we didnt notice..people can buy till shiok..actually CC shld come out of another way of verifty the card and the owner..maybe like nets cards with pin but it serve as CC...nowdays use CC also must be careful...

    The receipt shld have the cashier code or name.....or u can recalled the timing u went...and ask the store to check...which counter...


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