Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday; Vivo City

Date : 15th July 2012

Baby girl slimmed down! :(

Get VERY well soon, darling.

On her new stroller, she seemed to like it more, than the other one.

She is STILL not feeling well. No more vomiting & diarrhoea but jiejie spreaded cough & running nose to her now. Plus, teething again. Poor baby! Sigh!!!

Spotted giants, lol.

Nope, that bitch didn't managed to ruin my Sunday. Though yes, was very pissed, but i eat and eat and eat to vent all my frustration. It always work, somehow. Food is my number 1 best friend.

Had a full meal at Kim Gary, then found my liu sha bao at Crystal Jade and some HK desserts to end it, all within an hour. LOL

I don't dare to take my weight today, hahahahahaha!

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