Thursday, July 19, 2012

Time to stay low profile...

Guess my title says it all.

Sorry for locking my blog so abruptly. I unlocked it now becos i'm here to explain why am i locking it. Becos these 2 days, i received many msgs on FB, email, Whatsapp, everywhere, asking why did i lock it and if i'm able to invite readers in. I repeated the same answers so many times till i'm very pek chek. I didn't even reply some, sorry for that.

I really wonder, am i really that interesting? Or people wish to know more about my life just becos they wanna gossip/mock at me?

Saying things like i'm a bad mum becos i throw my kids to my mum to go out and PLAY? Or when i quarrel with my husband, they felt so happy, like can't wait to see my marriage fail?

I know i can't stop people's mouth from spouting nonsenses. And i really don't care how others think/say/look at me.

But i've ZERO tolerance towards people who deemed themselves as my friend doing so.

You knew what i am going through, yet you choose to spout nonsense, why?

Just becos i don't post about those tough time i'm going through (cos both kids are still not feeling well), it means i'm having good time & PLAYING everyday?

If you realised, i seldom post about unhappy stuffs nowadays, unlike the past past past. Cos i forbid myself to be unhappy & negative. I'm staying positive, looking at the brighter side of everything. If you're my friend, shouldn't you feel happy for me?

Anyway, i'm not at my tender age whereby i will cry or get upset over losing a friend. I've long past that stage. Neither will i be that childish to blow up every matters. I've no time for nonsenses now.

Which is why, i decided to lock this blog, i want to stay low profile, act secretive and mysterious. I can do so now cos i've rejected all the advertorials and events, no time for that.

When you don't give a single hint of what you're doing, nobody can say anything about you, be it good or bad. I should have heed my husband's advise and do this long time ago.


  1. Really no need to care about what other say on you. Esp when it's not true.
    I support you :)

  2. yala. dun bother about what those pple said. they are simply jealous and sour grapes lo. these pple are just too low to be even qualified to criticise others. so, dun degrade yrself to their LOW LOW level. live your life and be happy!!

  3. To be frank, i love reading ur blog especially when you like to share ur stuffs on blog. Like ur purchases, like foods etc. Really don bother wat others say about you. Go on with ur wonderful life why wana bother with those moron ppls like kicking big fuss about ur life?

  4. i guess I m going to miss u blogging. I have been ur reader for quite sometime now. Just wan to let u know that u r a good person and thanks for sharing all e good things. Reading ur blog makes me feel closer to home especially with photos since I have not gone home for 2 years. Really respect your decision to lock ur blog. Thank you for creating such a good blog. Takecare

  5. what a shame. I love reading your blog. But I can understand what you are going through. Some people are just so anal and judgemental. Take care and have a happy life Joanne :)

  6. those who comment on your life is not worth to call themselve your friend. is not even worth your effort to do anything for them.. if blogging is your interest and you love sharing with your friend than don care about them...

    I love reading your blog cos i find it so real and not hiding.. just like you don always sing praise about your kids.. if they are not good you say they are not good.. but if they are sweet and you mention they are sweet...

    Don't worry about others.. you have your fair share of reader who support you too... jia you

  7. Aiyo, you people made me so so so reluctant to lock it. :`(

    Thank you all for your kind words and concern.

    Take care people, all the best! :)

  8. Hey girl.. U really won't know how many people support u till u are gone.. Those baddies will get their retribution one day:) at least u have the guts to blog unlike them:) hiding in a corner:)

  9. I say ignore those people. :)

    Without a blog, these people will still gossip behind you.

    Nothing wrong with having some time out for yourself even if you have kids as long as you are responsible towards your kids. :) I am a mummy myself and I do have some time out to catch up with friends for dinner once in a while too. Mummies are human too and we need some sane moment.

    I have been reading your blog silently for a long time. I enjoyed it and I sort of 'grew' with your kids and I love to see their progress.

    You are doing great. :) I hope the next time round I pop by, the blog is still alive and readable. :)

    Take care and all the best!


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